Monday, October 29, 2007

October is almost over...

October is almost over and November is coming to a close, so I hope you all have plenty of fond moments and memories of October!

The photo by Beth Armsheimer

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sparkling Angel is what you see

Sparking Angel is your whispering spirit

Friday, October 19, 2007

My original poetry about the innocent DEAF children being implanted

Trying to go through the glass of a window, crying for little Deaf children being implanted

Without their right, without their will,
without their personal choice of the mode communication

Without their own uniqueness,
without a taste of a natural sign language,
without their thoughts and choices
on the cochlear implants

Without the direction
of their mind, heart, and soul in their inner DEAF core

Trying to go through the glass of a window,
heartbreaking for little Deaf children who already are implanted, lost their taste of their DEAF inner world

Then looking through the glass of a window,
too much hurt to watch the little Deaf girl

A little curly blond girl running,
feeling great in her own Deaf world

Without sounds in her ears
and without transfigurations of what the sounds are or where the sounds are from

Happily, running and running for freedom
in a beautiful scene without noisies in her ears

Her feet touching, moving quickly in rich green grass,
free from transforming the sounds

Her feet moving fast in the grass,
looking for crossing the street to the playground,

Watching through the glass of a window,
feeling so much pains, knowing something is going to happen to the innocent little Deaf girl in the next scene

Her curly hair was flying,
her arms opening freely, feeling the crisp air through her body, her feet moving, feeling soft grass, seeing all the scenes, no more annoy noises in her ears with CI, her glossy blue-ocean eyes tending to the playground cross the street, crossing the street

Not knowing the car driving by,
the little girl's CI was off-plugged

The blond girl running was going to cross the street,
feeling so freely, not hearing anything

The driver saw the little girl not arranging to stop,

Screaming through the glass of the window,
so much desired to rescue the little girl

Scared the driver, his heart was beating tight,
concerning on the brake, more he hopes to brake to make it not to hit the little girl

The creator up above,
commanded his quardian angel to go down quickly to the little girl

The coming guardian angel touched the shoulder
of the CI-off plugged little girl

Giving her the silent whisper into her heart,
telling her to pause and sense of what's there

All she felt is the air against the truck passing
just an inch front of her face

Confusing her big glamorous blue eyes

The mother ran down scattered in her soul,
yelling for her name

Behind the little girl, yelling,
yelling for her name, the mother thought her girl could hear

Grabbing her with a joy that she is okay,
and speaking to her but no sign language spoken

Puzzled the mother,
recognizing the little girl disconnects her cochlear implant

The mother put it back
and confirmed she is to keep it on, telling her to stick with CI

Diminished the girl's soul
of being Deaf in her inner world for a previous moment

Her glossy blue eyes,
big innocent eyes, turning to dull blue teary eyes, not knowing her inner core is lost

Who's watching through the glass of a window,
so much hurt to see how the Deaf girl's soul diminished, who do you think? That is "we are."

~Deb Ann
the photo created by phitar

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Life is precious

Remember take time out to enjoy life, do not let life pass you by.
The life is short. Enjoy the scene of this season!

Take your child or children to the playground.

Walk with your husband.

Take your dog out for walking.

Just sit down and read a book under the tree.

Ask your friends to come along with you for a picnic and fun chat.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Harvest

As Harvest comes before you know
The moon casts its golden glow as you see
The leaves full of color to dance the way
as you walk through and enjoy the scene
Children laugh at the carved pumpkins
glowing by the candles bring you a smile
Then pumpkin pies will be made from these
the smell of them is on a passing breeze
Apples are ready to be picked from the trees
Seeing them piled in the baskets is a joy
The apple crisp will be made from these
the smell of them is on a passing breeze
The ripe harvest in the fields can be fun
and you catch the delighted smell of cooking
pies and apple crisp in a breezing evening!

The photo of pumpkins by wishymom
and the photo of apples by jellybeanjill13

Monday, October 8, 2007

Taste Deaf's inner world

The vibration of the scream flowing into the vessels of your body in no time is very strange!

The mind wandering, telling you that you couldn't step out and it freezes you at this very moment!

The conscience of your very own soul leaving you a silent message turned you around in a very slow motion......

Booed, the ghost again at you!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Two facts:

All of the joys and struggles that we experience on a daily basis are to happen.
If we never experience the struggles, then it's not a reality.

Why did we keep trying and trying to get it right or make this a better place?
So, if we want to make this a better place, we need to change our mind. When we change a heart in a new way, we change the world. In the way, it will light the darkness one life at a time. (It's based on the lyrics, " Change A Heart, Change The World")

Friday, October 5, 2007

My dad's project

My dad has been working on Chevy for about four years. It's a 1948 Chevy with Camero frame and 425 HP under the hood. Isn't it so attractive?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My KODA daughter wrote the poetry

The man sat on the porch with a crackling torch, waiting for the sun to rise, waiting for a new prize for inspiration. Out of nowhere comes a flashing white unicorn with its mane and tail blowing in the wind. And the eyes sparkling with a lost feeling. The man with his jaw on the ground, slowly with his eyes on the horse he grabbed a rope. A neigh, a shout of victory! The mystical creature had been caught! For the first time in 20 years, the man's eyes sparkled with excitement and he laughed a laugh of happiness and comfort. And the horse, which the old man named sunny, felt a feeling of being home, safe and sound. He climbed on Sunny's back and patted her neck. Off they went, flying in the sky through wet clouds which gave them ice cold showers. The man, whose name was Jacob, grinned a grin as big as the sun. Sunny, glad of comfort leaped higher and higher, lower and lower , until she landed at a pond and began to lap water. Her brown eyes gleamed with love for Jacob. She would never leave home again, because she found a perfect one. And Jacob...felt the same way.
Written by my daughter, Hannah