Saturday, September 26, 2009

The "Trophy" for you, Deafchip!! Yay!

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I've decided to give you a "trophy" for being the best commenter under Russell's vlog. You've said all the best valid points about whole meanings on deafhood and holism (#82, it took about 7 minutes) . It's the best example you've ever given! Deafchip ( this link's with all his comments) , you deserved it.

Well, I haven't really said good bye in the last post. It had tempted me too much. :(

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Bye

I’ve decided to give my blog a rest. I've completed all my journeys with Deafread and Deafvideo TV. They gave me rich experiences on all things they spoke of. Now it’s time for me to go on a new path just waiting for me.

I’ve admired you,
Deb Ann

Saturday, September 19, 2009

~my family~


~a whole family~


~our family~

~Dan, Tami, Avi~ ~Brandon~
~Dan & Tami~

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

For Tayler, Yay!!

You did a good job, Tayler! Check out his link for the video on deafhood and audism.
That is what I exactly thought when I read and researched on deafhood and audism until I get it right with the meaning of deafhood and audism. Tayler said it perfectly!

Thumbs up, Tayler!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

DVTV . . . What a Sad Story!

DVTV . . . dvtv . . . DVTV . . . dvtv . . . DVTV . . . what a sad story!

Do you want to know what's inside of my thinking?

I think Russell is cute, but some of his talking isn't cute at all. What does it mean? AnNoYiNg.
That’s what it is. He’s trying to be nice. Yes, I can see that. I think he’s cute and trying to be nice. To me, he's a little bit annoying. What Russell has said is not oppressing.

Like me? Maybe you do. Some of you like him, and some of you don’t like him. No big deal.

I don't think there is any audism in DVTV. No, that is not Audism. They just have different perspective they want to share . . . and different beliefs on stuff. Why? All different people aren’t on the same idea. They have a right to share what they think. It's a freedom of speech. Like it or not. That is what we have to deal with. Life goes on.

Keep a healthy dialogue . . . we need to remind ourselves to praise first then agree to disagree.

Good job, lady (Aguabo) about the facts on CI. I found another blog that some people are suing CI company for the failures. I like you. I hope you don't mind, give Russell a chance. He can be annoying but a little bit.

Good job, Russell for trying to share your perspective with her . . . I think that you need to praise her and admire her . . . then you can share your opinion and what you see . . . It’s your challenge. You also need to see what it’s annoying when you talk to someone. Nevertheless, I like you.

I just finished my coffee! (it's Friday at 10 a.m.)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I got it in my email. Thought it's glorious.


I read newspapers about Sunflower this morning. I loved the quote by Carol Lynn Ripka:
"Their heads bowing or dancing cheerfully in the breeze, sunflowers are a fun and festive end-of-summer flower and a prelude to fall"

photos by Flickr

Sunflowers are attractive to our heart, by our house,
and in the sun & dark.

their heads are bowing, ready for harvesting

their faces dance in the soft breeze

Sunflowers are true beautiful to the eye

Seeding sunflowers
cheerfully thriving in sun
bowing, harvesting

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


For most of you may experience some depression in your life, you know what it is like. How do we overcome? We need to recognize our pains and use it as a tool to help us examining thoroughly, overcoming, and growing healthy. It takes one step at a time.
Deal with feelings
way to blow away freely
let it be healthy

Roommate & Me at Gally

We were roommates at Gallaudet University in my second year. Teri and I had a lot of good memories! A lot of wild times and we laughed! We had a long chat together on Video Phone, caught up with the news, and haven't done it for more than 20 years! I look forward to seeing her in the future. Thanks to Facebook; that's how I found her there!

Recipes for Pumpkin pies and Apple Crisp

Click on the links for the recipes! Enjoy!

Happy Harvest

As Harvest comes before you know
The moon casts its golden glow as you see
The leaves full of color to dance the way
as you walk through and enjoy the scene
Children laugh at the carved pumpkins
glowing by the candles bring you a smile
Then pumpkin pies will be made from these
the smell of them is on a passing breeze
Apples are ready to be picked from the trees
Seeing them piled in the baskets is a joy
The apple crisp will be made from these
the smell of them is on a passing breeze
The ripe harvest in the fields can be fun
and you catch the delighted smell of cooking
pies and apple crisp in a breezing evening!

Written by Deb Ann
It was written on October 14, 2007