Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Opinion on Ridor's Blog (Like it or not)

I feel that I need to bring it up here for some reason.

I think that Ridor's blog should stay in Deafread. Barry and the way he used his son in Deafvideo is worse than his blog and its comments. The comments in his blog are so open and fair even through some people may not like it. They share their honest opinions. I don’t see any point for his blog to be moved to Extra from Deafread. Well, some of the words they used can be hurtful, but they can make trustworthy words in a better, positive way. It's a big challenge for everyone, of course that they have to think before putting up a comment with positive words or how they say it. It'll never be smooth, but we can sweep away old habit and start a new habit of conservation with anyone. I don't see anything bad in Ridor's blog, I admit that I find it really funny. What's more, I don't see any judging in his blog just that it's his perspective on things he wanted to share. It's his freedom of speech. Just the same way Barry did with his blog about DBC. You see it's the freedom of speech, so why is Ridor's blog placed in Extra? It’s my undissembled opinion.

In this picture, if something's so annoying on its butt, he or she would relieve to itch. It's the freedom of speech. So, it is not about judging.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walt Disney - Goliath II (1/2) - 1960

This video is five years older than I. It's my youngest son, Brandon's favorite. He never gets bored!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reading a story to Deaf Children

I remember this video some time ago. I'd like to add it to my blog. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Why don't I start Wordless Wednesday?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For Cat Lovers (winks)

Read the signs that you might be a cat lover.
Click this link below.
Cat Lover

(silly, jokes, humor)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Come and See my Random Pictures :)

I want to share my random pictures (something different from usual), I believe they're bringing the deepest treasures of a lifetime!

Let’s enjoy my pictures!

Deaf Actor's Website

A Deaf actor from Law and Order show (It was two years ago) has a website. I thought it's a neat website.

Deanne Bray's website

Law & Order Show- DEAF actors!

I have an exciting item of news to share with you! Law and Order show will be aired on April the 14th! Check this link for the further information and the names of DEAF actors.

I got an message below from a commenter... it's a rerun show from two years ago, so never mind!

Deaf Actors in Law and Order TV show!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

For Barry and the commenters

Before I begin, I want to say that I respect Barry’s perspective and thoughts on AFA. I learned something from both of the sides while debating this matter. I believe that it makes the whole community stronger and wiser. By the way, I just want to pick out one piece on the “attitude” and stretch it out.

Barry keeps saying, “wrong approach” and “wrong attitude” toward
Audism Free America in Deafvideo TV.
Oh, I got to say just a few simple sentences for an example (for this matter): “AGBell has taken the completely wrong approach toward ASL with wrong attitude to the whole deaf community, like when they’re complaining and writing a letter to the Pepsi company. How does the deaf community feel about that? See not only that but other happenings in the years by AGBell. There has been plenty of wrong approaches and attitudes from AGBell for years!”

Here is the poem I found for you! It’s not 100% written by me because I was changing it around to make sense for Deafread, Deafvideo TV, and the deaf community (just so it would fit into this situation)!
Enjoy the ride to the “attitude” world! (Ha-ha, you can laugh out loud)


A- Always making it happen
T- Taking pride in ASL and Audism Free America
T- Taking a stand to get it recognized for the better
I- Isolating the negative views without acknowledging them
T- Treating tasks as opportunities for all of the deaf children’s future
U- Utilizing the talents and knowledge every day
D- Doing our best to accomplish our tasks
E- Expecting & encouraging Positive improvements daily
S- Signing (speaking) greatly of others and what they’re trying to make the future of the deaf better every day