Monday, December 31, 2007

I Cannot Thank Deafread Enough!

I’m not sure what you think,
how you feel,or why you agree or agree to disagree
on any matters what it shows on Deafread,
only believe there’s no doubt that
Deafread welcomes you to be a part of the community
whether if they’re on the same page,
or they have debates over the matters.
I cannot thank Deafread enough
for giving us the opportunity to
learn many and many more issues
in the way it brings us great prosperity
to acknowledge, so be glad and be thankful!

Cheers to a new year and another opportunity
for us to make it better! ~Deb Ann

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Mustang Car was wrecked.

For some of you read about Fookem and Bug's site, Jason just had an auto accident. Yes, I checked their site and saw the pictures of his car (which was hit). If that wasn't enough, the next day, my oldest daughter had an auto accident. I will soon update with you about how it happened in the next vlog.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

This is what deaf/Deaf looks like!

This is what deaf/Deaf looks like! So what do you think of this?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas is a time for love and fun

Christmas is a time for love and fun, and it's time to give everyone HUGS!

The pictures are taken by me and the boys are my sons, Sam (12) and Brandon (2).
Sam and Hannah (10) set up Christmas Tree you can see in the picture and it impressed me that they decorated the tree and let Brandon pinch in and help them as well. In 2002, my oldest daughter was 12 and she did set up the tree and let her little siblings (at that time, they were 6 and 4) help. They did a beautiful job on working together and decorating.

Christmas Joys

Evergreen boughs that fill our homes
With fragrant Christmas scents,
Hearts filled with the loving glow
That Christmas represents;

Christmas cookies, turkeys stuffed,
Festive holly berry,
Little faces bright with joy,
Loved ones being merry;

Parties, songs, beribboned gifts,
Silver bells that tinkle,
Christmas trees and ornaments,
Colorful lights that twinkle;

Relatives waiting with open arms
To smile and hug and kiss us;
These are some of the special joys
That come along with Christmas.

By Joanna Fuchs

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Marlee Matlin in Dancing With the Stars????

Hello everyone!

Do you think it's JOKE??? Or is she going to be in the show? I try to find some more information about her, but it doesn't come out much.


Television News
So We Think They Can Dance

We cast the next ''Dancing with the Stars'' -- Shannon Doherty, Leonard Nimoy, and Cindy Crawford are just some of our picks for the next ''DWTS'' cast
By Jessica Shaw

THE 90210 ALUM Shannen Doherty

THE SOAP STAR Alison Sweeney


THE ATHLETE Pete Sampras



THE MOGUL Rick Hilton

THE ELEGANT, ''MATURE'' LADY Victoria Principal



THE ''HEATHER MILLS'' Michael Richards


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What Do We Love About Deafread?

What do we love about Deafread:
Does our delight reside in things?
Or are the exciting Deaf/deaf/HOH vlogs or blogs in Deafread?
The real thing that Deafhood brings us together.
No matter where we are from or what our background are.

It’s seeing those we enjoy,
And sharing with our experiences and emotions, too.
Appreciating people who bring us joy.
Cool people just like you!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hearing Impaired Program May Move because of low CSAP scores???

Hearing-impaired Program may be moving from University High Charter school because of their low CSAP scores? I would rather call it as a deaf and hard of hearing program than a hearing-impaired program! They said in this article that their Charter's own curriculum was lacking and its overall scores would be low. I am not sure where they will go. I assume that they'll probably go to a public school with a regular curriculum and more supervision on the program. I don't really know yet. So, I'll find out about that later when I have a chance to talk with someone who works at the school. It's in my hometown and I graduated from University High School in 1985.
Here is the article of our hometown newspaper today and you can click at it to make it readable. It explains why, so I don't need to repeat.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Just want to be silly! Merry Christmas and Happy NeW Year! ;)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


ASL awakens in your life and starts to blossom without hesitating.
ASL is the most beautiful language you ever have experienced.
ASL is like crashing and smashing in your hands it stands for all the meaning of natural signing.
ASL is the right key to open Deaf’s world. (Deaf can be deaf, HOH, hearing loss, and ones with Cochlear Implants)
ASL is NEVER extinct.
ASL is a true flight of fancy!
ASL is giving a clear visual impression when signed.
ASL is a healthy tool to use!
ASL is an image present in the mind without any problem.
ASL is just perfect in every way!
ASL is naturally knowledgeable.
ASL is a natural language.
ASL is like moving and rising in your hands the way it shows all the pictures.
ASL NEVER fades away!
ASL opens your inner world to communicate.
ASL is a potential language.
ASL never Quits even if they try to keep you from knowing ASL.
ASL reflects everywhere!
ASL stays forever!
ASL is like tumbling and rumbling to move all the beautiful feeling in an inspiration.
ASL is the language that upholds in every way!
ASL will NEVER be vanishing because it is gifted by God!
ASL weaves all the words into storytelling.
ASL xings everywhere!
ASL HARDLY yields in any way!
ASL is the best tool to explore into everything with ZEAL!
It's created by Deb Ann

Whew! I worked so hard on the ABC's to fit in all this story! Guess what, I need to go and catch up with the laundry!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

~Candles are a Gift of Light~

Candles are a gift of light,
A tiny sun, a bit of star.
No other dancer in the night
Dances with such sheer delight,
Little souls serene and bright,
Each a glimpse of what we are
Shining innocent and pure.

Now you see this beautiful poem and you can just drop the word, Candle..and add the word, ASL. Isn't it true?

(The photo by Swissiemiss)