Thursday, December 6, 2007


ASL awakens in your life and starts to blossom without hesitating.
ASL is the most beautiful language you ever have experienced.
ASL is like crashing and smashing in your hands it stands for all the meaning of natural signing.
ASL is the right key to open Deaf’s world. (Deaf can be deaf, HOH, hearing loss, and ones with Cochlear Implants)
ASL is NEVER extinct.
ASL is a true flight of fancy!
ASL is giving a clear visual impression when signed.
ASL is a healthy tool to use!
ASL is an image present in the mind without any problem.
ASL is just perfect in every way!
ASL is naturally knowledgeable.
ASL is a natural language.
ASL is like moving and rising in your hands the way it shows all the pictures.
ASL NEVER fades away!
ASL opens your inner world to communicate.
ASL is a potential language.
ASL never Quits even if they try to keep you from knowing ASL.
ASL reflects everywhere!
ASL stays forever!
ASL is like tumbling and rumbling to move all the beautiful feeling in an inspiration.
ASL is the language that upholds in every way!
ASL will NEVER be vanishing because it is gifted by God!
ASL weaves all the words into storytelling.
ASL xings everywhere!
ASL HARDLY yields in any way!
ASL is the best tool to explore into everything with ZEAL!
It's created by Deb Ann

Whew! I worked so hard on the ABC's to fit in all this story! Guess what, I need to go and catch up with the laundry!


Anonymous said...

Then why isn't this signed in ASL?

Deb Ann said...

I haven't combed my hair, done my make-up, and still in my raggy clothes. That's why (giggles)...
Maybe I will do it in the next vlog. ;)

kw said...

Thanks so MUCH for posting it as a blog! I'll look forward to seeing it in vlog form too. I love to watch ABC poems in ASL, but don't always understand since I'm a learner. Thanks again. big smiles. Kim