Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't Judge Them Right Away!

For the vloggers and commenters under several vlogs, having a hot debate on Audism and AFA

Don’t Judge Them Right Away!

Don’t look at or assume people what they’re up to.

Don’t judge on what they do; you could be wrong.

Don’t assume what their action is about.

Don’t say if we can't read their minds.

Do you really know if they’re bad or good?

Don’t point at them, don’t look at them.

So, don’t judge them too quickly.

Set a good conservation from a fresh start.

See what people say or try to express in a word.

See, learn, conceive, perceive without judging them.

Don’t hate or judge like that when you’re down the path.

Here I am...It's OK to ask some questions, but it's not
OK to refuse to share and educate in a gentle way. A healthy
and on-going conversation from a fresh start is what we need.

We really need to carry that kind of conversation further and continue pushing the healthy dialogue until everyone's able to be on the same page.

Another thing we need to change:
Don't say, "you have a wrong attitude"
Say, " I'm not comfortable with that kind of attitude"

It's just an example. I thought we could give it a try
and start to practice on saying in a healthy way without judging
them right away.

Just a tip. I hope it would be helpful.
~Deb Ann

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Jewelry Video

Michelle's email address is This video is so much better than the previous one.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Greeeeeeen Cupcakes!!!!

Baking green cupcakes on St. Patrick’s Day is a fun filled day for my family to enjoy.
See more cupcakes at Sarah's blog and Kym's blog. Cupcakes are so delicious!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shouldn't Green Eyes Be Counted for St. Patrick's Day?

(In a deaf culture, we use sign language to communicate and our eyes to see things)

-Shouldn't Green Eyes be counted for St. Patrick’s Day?

This morning, my kids, Sam and Hannah were ready for school while I was fixing their lunch. I was checking on them to see if they were wearing green. Hannah was wearing green shoes, and Sam . . . I didn’t see any green on him but green eyes.

Dan and Tami brought their baby daughter, Avalon to our house for babysitting. Not only that, they were checking on us to see if we were wearing green. Dan asked me, “where is green” in the sign language. Of course, it had to be sign language to communicate. I looked at myself. Big oops. I didn’t see anything green on me. Then Ah! I found it. I showed Dan my green eyes. He said, “No, it won’t count.” I saw Dan’s green shirt and Tami’s a green bow on her hair. Cute.
They asked Tom, my husband if he had any green on him. He looked at himself . . . Yes! He was safe. He had a bit of green on his shirt. Brandon’s safe, too. A little bit of green was on his shirt. Dan and Tami showed us Avalon’s shirt that it had green on it. Cute shirt: "I'm totally cuter than my daddy."
I think I should have been be safe, too because of my green eyes and I have Irish blood in me! Ha.

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m thinking of baking green cupcakes tonight. If I do, I should recap them into my blog.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Deaf Girl Learns to Play Violin

Really good! Very powerful; you gotta see it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You Can Conquer Doubt and Fear

This poem was written by Margaret Jang

Conquering Doubt and Fear
At times, you may just give up and drown out your sorrow,
forgetting your goal to build a better tomorrow.
What causes you to throw your arms up the air,
and fall into misery or feelings of despair?

What can you do to conquer your doubt and fear?
Well, first take stock and look right in the mirror.
This will show the truth of what you're searching for,
a giant step to change your life forever more.

Conquering doubt and fear is not an easy task,
there are many, many questions you may want to ask.
And positive curiosity is healthy, plus good,
it sparks a keen interest, as it really should.

Conquering doubt and fear takes tremendous strength,
but it's well worth your effort by any arms length.
For courage is not gained in a day or night,
it builds very slowly through greater insight.

So often you forget the important part of self,
losing your identity is usually what is felt.
Becoming so entwined with the opinion of another,
and so afraid to speak, you just hide for cover.

To conquer doubt and fear, know your "self" well,
listen to your heart; your body's but a shell.
Wisdom and truth are gifts with which you're blessed,
honesty is a virtue that needs to be addressed.

For if you can't be true to the integrity of your soul,
conquering doubt and fear is something you won't know.
So move from the shadows and step within the light,
cast your doubt and fear in the darkness of the night.

Feel your pain or sorrow turn into joyful love,
turn away from doubting; just trust in greater love.
And the spirit of your soul will smile in peaceful calm,
'cause conquering doubt and fear, is a healing balm.