Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't Judge Them Right Away!

For the vloggers and commenters under several vlogs, having a hot debate on Audism and AFA

Don’t Judge Them Right Away!

Don’t look at or assume people what they’re up to.

Don’t judge on what they do; you could be wrong.

Don’t assume what their action is about.

Don’t say if we can't read their minds.

Do you really know if they’re bad or good?

Don’t point at them, don’t look at them.

So, don’t judge them too quickly.

Set a good conservation from a fresh start.

See what people say or try to express in a word.

See, learn, conceive, perceive without judging them.

Don’t hate or judge like that when you’re down the path.

Here I am...It's OK to ask some questions, but it's not
OK to refuse to share and educate in a gentle way. A healthy
and on-going conversation from a fresh start is what we need.

We really need to carry that kind of conversation further and continue pushing the healthy dialogue until everyone's able to be on the same page.

Another thing we need to change:
Don't say, "you have a wrong attitude"
Say, " I'm not comfortable with that kind of attitude"

It's just an example. I thought we could give it a try
and start to practice on saying in a healthy way without judging
them right away.

Just a tip. I hope it would be helpful.
~Deb Ann


Anonymous said...


I agree. And, while I can't speak for anyone but myself, I do question the AFA's demands. Out of the three demands, two seems unreasonable. But, I'm not going to get involved with that organization, so, I'm just going to sit back and watch and share my opinions without judging. If you do have contacts with AFA, could you maybe expand on why they do not have comments in their blog site? Anyway, I do wish them luck.


CharlestheRogue said...


mishkazena said...

I agree with these tips.

Thanks for doing this post. :)

Misha said...

Deb Ann...

Great tips! I like that. Way to go.

Insane Misha :D

Karen Mayes said...


Yup, listen first. Walk a mile in their shoes. Look at the factors that cause effects. Always remember it is his/her perspective and respect it. I could go on.

Well-written blog,

Karen Mayes

IamMine said...

Good Tips, DebAnn... :)

I thought things went well at Karen's blog, but then again that is pretty much the only source that I've actually read the entire post and the comments.

DVTV? Here and there... no time to catch up, but did get an idea of how nasty things were getting.

Glad I didn't drag myself into this this time... *pats on herself*

Anyway, good post and I'll try out the new DR feature to "like" this.

jelly said...

Seems like in every community there is bickering! I wish everyone could just get along well.

Thanks for sharing this Deb Ann, it was really nice :-)

You should bake cupcakes! :-)