Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shouldn't Green Eyes Be Counted for St. Patrick's Day?

(In a deaf culture, we use sign language to communicate and our eyes to see things)

-Shouldn't Green Eyes be counted for St. Patrick’s Day?

This morning, my kids, Sam and Hannah were ready for school while I was fixing their lunch. I was checking on them to see if they were wearing green. Hannah was wearing green shoes, and Sam . . . I didn’t see any green on him but green eyes.

Dan and Tami brought their baby daughter, Avalon to our house for babysitting. Not only that, they were checking on us to see if we were wearing green. Dan asked me, “where is green” in the sign language. Of course, it had to be sign language to communicate. I looked at myself. Big oops. I didn’t see anything green on me. Then Ah! I found it. I showed Dan my green eyes. He said, “No, it won’t count.” I saw Dan’s green shirt and Tami’s a green bow on her hair. Cute.
They asked Tom, my husband if he had any green on him. He looked at himself . . . Yes! He was safe. He had a bit of green on his shirt. Brandon’s safe, too. A little bit of green was on his shirt. Dan and Tami showed us Avalon’s shirt that it had green on it. Cute shirt: "I'm totally cuter than my daddy."
I think I should have been be safe, too because of my green eyes and I have Irish blood in me! Ha.

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m thinking of baking green cupcakes tonight. If I do, I should recap them into my blog.


kim said...

You are lucky you weren't pinched! lol

I work with an Indian girl who didn't wear green to work today. I asked her if she had been pinched by leprauchans. She probably thinks I'm crazy now. I like to joke around with her because she is new to America and very sweet.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...


Yes, I was surprised, too that they didn't pinch me. lol
I think they're nice to me because I'm a grandma. lol

jelly said...

Okay...okay you were playing the grandma card here! So you didn't get any pinching!

I have green eyes also, but I was good yesterday and wore my green shirt!
And if you make cupcakes, you better post a photo of them...because I am the "deaf cupcake queen" :-)

Were they yummy?

Have a great day.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Nice try, Deb Ann but I don't think green eyes count. You have them "on" every day. It has to be something you put on special for March 17. I left for work before my son got up yesterday. When I got home I checked him for green. He was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. I was shocked! Then he pointed to a green magic marker streak he had put on his tennis shoes. (rolling my eyes) I don't think my 1/4 Irish blood flows very strong in his veins! Glad you had a fun day with your family. Did you make those cupcakes?

Deb Ann and Hannah said...


Oh, okay. I'm so sorry. I'll wear green next year. Right now, I'm wearing my green slippers, but it's the 18th today.

Yes, Deaf cupcake queen! I made greeeen cupcakes after kids got home from school on the 17th! I just posted it today, you need to see it.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Your son's so cute! He found a way to mark it green on his shoes! I guess that it helps! You could remind him next year before you go to work...as for me, I need to do better next year, too! I'm thinking about wearing a green ring, a green hat, and probably painting my nails green?? Sounds good. :)
Your cupcakes looook sooo GOOOD with the green lemonade! And I love your dog's eyes, staring at the cupcakes. Cute!

Anonymous said...

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