Saturday, August 30, 2008


Sweet, short writing by Hannah.
She wrote it in her writing class:
Mother of Hannah,
Lover of family,
Who feels good when family's around,
Who needs to be loved,
Who gives me attention,
Who fears losing her children,
Who wants peace,
Resident of America.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

What is Art?

This beautiful poem is written by my daughter, Hannah.
Let me tell you what happened in her art class. Her teacher asked the class: "What is Art?"
Hannah gave an answer ,and her teacher was so impressed with her. She asked Hannah to write a poem for her. Hannah also gave one to me for my blog. I'm so proud of her!

Art is beauty.
It sometimes has a hint of mystery
that makes people wonder about it.
Mystery is beauty to some people.
Beauty is art.
You can see how everything fits together.
Two examples of art are the world
and the reflections of EVERYTHING in it.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Experience being part of Deaf Community (online)

I didn't go into Deafread by myself. Someone led me into the Deaf Community (online).

Blogs, Deafread, signing online, Deafvideo TV

(I'll probably try to do a transcript for this vlog)

Friday, August 22, 2008

We're like Colorful Leaves

Leaves fell on me
All the way down from trees
Delighted in my heart
Loved this part
of the season
Colorful leaves are the reason.

Deafread are like colorful leaves.
Keep on good vlogging and blogging.
We're ready for Fall and great posts.

~Deb Ann

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mike (Oh I See) and Dino from Deafvideo TV

Photo by Malla Mi
If you're not sure what I'm talking about, please check it out. (Copy and paste it)

I guess I’m too shy to be in Deaf Video T.V. I watched all of Dino and Mike’s videos including the comments in the videos. I’m so impressed with people like Mike, Barb, and Aidan (she made my days from her vlogs!). They supported Dino, not because of what happened in the signing circle and the red flag . . . just because they care about well-being. They cared for Dino and comforted her as well. It’s a very healthy thing to do in Deaf Video T.V. Everyone learned a great lesson from Mike, Barb, and others as they comforted Dino. If Dino was on her own, I can’t imagine that it would be very tough for her! My heart has been blossoming to see how Mike, Barb, Aidan, and others to stand by her. I’m not concerned about which side I should take, but while I was watching the videos, I learned a great lesson in there. It’s a great ending. Many special thanks to Mike for making his video since Dino couldn’t do it without him. We all should be like them. Good examples for DeafVideo T.V. and Deafread.
So, here is the haiku I made (a haiku is a type of traditional Japanese poetry)

Falling, sliding down
Comforting and standing by
Getting to stand up

When it comes to you, Dino, I say keep on vlogging!

Lots of hugs,
Deb Ann

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The right to be a part of Deafhood process?

The right to create a word, Deafhood
The right to explore and self-analyzing on this planet,

The right to feel oneself worth,

Such rights, Deaf, deaf, hard of hearing, CI users, CI/ASL users,

Cuers, late-deafened they’re welcome to the process,

The right to be a part of Deafhood journey or a personal journey,

The right to unite us for Deaf humanity

With succeeding, they’re completed.

(the photo is taken by flickr)

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Tami and Dan~

Tami & her youngest brother, Brandon~

My daughter and me~

At the church~

A bride and maid of honors~

A groom, best man, his dad~


I've tried to post my last video to my
blog directly from Youtube I made last week, and
Youtube tells me it posted and that it will appear
at my blog site shortly, but it never appears. I have
looked for an answer why it didn't appear in my blog but
no luck. I was looking for Youtube's email address, so I can email it to Youtube regarding the problem.
And I don't see any email address on their list.
All I see on the list are the phone number and fax number. I don't
have a fax machine, and I have tried to contact through their phone number.
How disgusting when I heard from an interpreter via the relay service that the answering machine says . . . press if I know their last name. It doesn't make any sense to me. What could I do? Please would you help me. Thank you for reading. Of course, I'm hoping to find the solution.

KODAs' Melting Marshmallows

They're having gooey marshmallows during vacationing at Steamboat Springs Campground.