Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The right to be a part of Deafhood process?

The right to create a word, Deafhood
The right to explore and self-analyzing on this planet,

The right to feel oneself worth,

Such rights, Deaf, deaf, hard of hearing, CI users, CI/ASL users,

Cuers, late-deafened they’re welcome to the process,

The right to be a part of Deafhood journey or a personal journey,

The right to unite us for Deaf humanity

With succeeding, they’re completed.

(the photo is taken by flickr)


Anonymous said...

If youre going to want to be part of deafhood, youre going to have to make it past their welcome mat which is nothing less than a minefield.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. I wonder when the other people, particular the DBC's Deafhood folks, have any opinion about your beautiful post.

MM said...

The American Bill of Rights already enshrines what you ask for, so you don't need to label it deaf. I think people have a right to question deafhood it is important to realize, Mr Ladd's book is HIS perception, it isn't a fact of our lives, and he has no control over deaf extremism portraying their version of this deafhood, which is what we are seeing. Mr Ladd suggests deaf are struggling with their ID ? he also declares in his book no such perception, a very confused individual, obviously struggling himself. Who IS Mr Ladd ? he signs, wears a beard, writes lots of things with a capital D have to dissect everything to see the total confusion this deafhood is, a licence for deaf extremism. NO academic has taken this book to task yet,it hasn't done the acid test of validity...

dog food said...

Comment #2

Yeah i'm sure the popular opinion will urge you to go to a workshop and buy the book. After all, it is your right to go to their workshops just like having ASL at birth.