Sunday, August 24, 2008

What is Art?

This beautiful poem is written by my daughter, Hannah.
Let me tell you what happened in her art class. Her teacher asked the class: "What is Art?"
Hannah gave an answer ,and her teacher was so impressed with her. She asked Hannah to write a poem for her. Hannah also gave one to me for my blog. I'm so proud of her!

Art is beauty.
It sometimes has a hint of mystery
that makes people wonder about it.
Mystery is beauty to some people.
Beauty is art.
You can see how everything fits together.
Two examples of art are the world
and the reflections of EVERYTHING in it.



Deaf Pixie said...

Love the poem!

Hannah should write her own poem,I think she got it from you.

Deaf Pixie

Deb Ann said...

Yes, you're right.
Hannah writes poems ,and she got it from me. My other daughter does the same. I'm proud of them.

Thank you, Deaf Pixie