Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, April 25, 2011

My Husband's View on Barry's Vlog

My husband, Tom responds to Barry's vlog on " ASL failed"

He has deaf uncles and aunts. Both of his parents are deaf. He has a deaf brother. He's DEAF. He uses ASL as well as PSE. He does not believe in providing an ASL interpreter for classes and churches. Does ASL fail? He gives it a NO to this question. It does not do anything with ASL. ASL is just a language for deaf people to communicate. It's enjoyable.

Misunderstanding normally happens to anyone. There is no way to avoid it. Yet, it does not do anything with ASL, so it does not fail but is enjoyable.

Oh, my time is up. I need to get my kids from school.

Barry's Right.


I'm on my very tight schedule as a mother and grandmother ,even through I find my time on Facebook and Farmville (I'm not addicted, I manage my time). Adding to my schedule, I work on my family tree as well.

As you know, I just make it very simple and short.

I find Barry's vlog a true view way of recognizing a missing spot in ASL as misunderstanding between ASL users and vocabulary. I get to be honest with you that I think he's right about few things. Nevertheless, I do cherish my ASL and thank Barry for giving me a deep thought on how I can improve my ASL skills. Thank you, Barry Sewell! I know that you find it shocking. It's okay to agree with any one you almost always disagree but admire his or her perspective on a thing. I admire his saying, 'balance" as well. Does ASL fail? Well, I think it's too strong for a question. Personally, I think to skip this question.

Honestly, I do require a PSE translator instead of ASL interpreter if I'm in College because of misunderstandings and its limited vocabulary. Keep in mind that I still do cherish ASL I rather use outside of a college. Due to my childhood, I grew up with SEE in my school. You need to understand where I come from.

As I go out the world, ASL is like a light into my life and makes it so beautiful. I'm not a bi-languaged in English/ASL child but from SEE to ASL. I also use PSE. When I was young, I went to Gally, I found ASL that it had a negative view as to misunderstandings and its limited vocabulary. Some of classes my teachers used PSE. And then I decided to go a college that provided interpreters in my home state. I felt more comfortable with PSE translators in classes but enjoyed ASL out of classes.

I don't want to continue on writing, so I need to go back to where I am now- getting busy as a mother and grandmother.

Take care,
Deb Ann
P.S. You may find my English errors. *grins* I don't have much time to edit my English.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

It Gets Old

Negative comments about Deafhood get old , but . . .and I mean BUT . . . a personal journey as well as Deafhood never gets old.

I don't care what B.S. or Cori say in their videos. Who cares. It is just getting old. Nothing's exciting about them.

Ella, do me a favor, please. You don't need to respond to them, just let them talk to themselves.