Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Opinion on Ridor's Blog (Like it or not)

I feel that I need to bring it up here for some reason.

I think that Ridor's blog should stay in Deafread. Barry and the way he used his son in Deafvideo is worse than his blog and its comments. The comments in his blog are so open and fair even through some people may not like it. They share their honest opinions. I don’t see any point for his blog to be moved to Extra from Deafread. Well, some of the words they used can be hurtful, but they can make trustworthy words in a better, positive way. It's a big challenge for everyone, of course that they have to think before putting up a comment with positive words or how they say it. It'll never be smooth, but we can sweep away old habit and start a new habit of conservation with anyone. I don't see anything bad in Ridor's blog, I admit that I find it really funny. What's more, I don't see any judging in his blog just that it's his perspective on things he wanted to share. It's his freedom of speech. Just the same way Barry did with his blog about DBC. You see it's the freedom of speech, so why is Ridor's blog placed in Extra? It’s my undissembled opinion.

In this picture, if something's so annoying on its butt, he or she would relieve to itch. It's the freedom of speech. So, it is not about judging.


ASL Risen said...

Thank you so much for your blog! I agreed that Ridor's blog should stay in Deafread not in Extra! MWAH!!!

Jared Evans said...


His post violated guideline rule #8 which contained a personal attack on an individual. We don't moderate comments since that's the responsibility of the blogger. We only focus on the post itself.

You are welcome to email us if you feel we made an error or would like to better understand the decision we made.


Deb Ann and Hannah said...

I understand, Jared. I'll email you then.

Anonymous said...

Jared Evans

I don’t believe what you said. I bet you are supporter of Barry Sewell.

Candy said...

Hi Deb Ann,

I finally saw the video and since it is satire, I think people should not have taken it seriously. No copyright infringement was made because is satire. I believe many blogger already covered that last year. As for Cobi and Sewell, we all do not know the whole story. Maybe Cobi wanted to make that video? Also, if you notice in the comment section on Ridor's blog, there's TOO MANY hearsay. Just because someone says something does not mean it is true. I'd much rather ignore these things. We all should learn to get along with others without name callings and such. So, I find all this very immature. Who knows why Barry allowed it but I was more disturbed that many people attacked Cobi. He's a kid. That is cyberbullying and it's against the law. That is all I have to say on this. Silly.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Hi Candy,

Thank you for leaving your kind message here. I still like you, ha. (smiling)

Hint: I feel that Barry is controlling. It can be hurtful for people to go through. Then why are we still allowing it in DeafVideo TV? Is it about the freedom of speech? Why not Ridor's blog? I do understand about name-calling...he broke the rule. What about controlling? Is it okay?

I agree with you that we should go along with others without insulting and name-calling.
As for Ridor's blog, it's his style like what I said in my post. He could sweep away his old habit and start a new habit of writing without name-callling. I don't think so that he'd ever do it! It's his style. We need him in some ways to speak out about Barry.

About Elizabeth and Amy, Ridor doesn't change my perspectiv on them. I still like them, they're great people.

Now I'm speaking of the freedom of speech..Why? Ridor? Barry? That's my point.

Don G. said...

I agree with you, Deb -- I think Deaf Read is getting a bit arbitrary with their decision-making process for which v/blogs get into the Front page or Extra.

I don't think Ridor's blog was that bad. I think we can judge for ourselves whether we think Jack Jason is controlling Marlee or not.

What bothers me is that Deaf Read initially allowed the post on the front page, and then LATER decided it should be in Extra....

Also, when I found Ridor's blog had "disappeared" from the Front Page, I went looking for it in Extra. While I was looking, I found a post by RLM about the 2010 U.S. Census and how they were still not counting ASL as a language to be counted. This is Deaf-related. Why wasn't THIS in the Front page?

There is a big problem with Deaf Read.....

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Yes, yes, yes, Don! Exactly!

That's the main reason I had to bring it up in Deafread.

Thank you for your message here. We need to do something about it.

ASL Risen said...

Wow, Don G. I did NOT know about RLM's blog about the 2010 U.S. Census was not on Deafread either??? Thanks for letting me know! Was RLM's blog on Extra??

And also I do not understand why Carl S's blog called "Teachers Are Blameless" was on Extra!!! I feel that Carl's blog is very important to educate us to understand depend on the different types of education around here in America! Not all states are blameless! We do need more feedbacks from Carl's blog!!!

Patrick said...

I think that Deafread should start having the person's name (Deafread editor) that decides to put the V/Blogs on Front page or Extra somewhere on each V/Blog entry title space area.

We should not blame as whole about this situation because it could be only one or two person having their own personal decision where the V/Blog goes.

And once the readers begin to learn who this particular person is, the readers can contact Tayler or Jared and complain about this person being biased.

Candy said...

This DR "problem" is OLD. Many of us have brought that up in the past. DR will do what DR wants to do.

But....I'm sure Ridor is a big boy, he can handle EXTRA. I do check out EXTRA because I'm not all about deaf centrics, I like to check out other non-deaf related topics.

Also, one other thing I want to point out and I could be wrong. DVTV is not something that Taylor has control of, I mean aren't videos automatically loaded into DVTV from YouTube? Whereas DR, Taylor does have control.

Lastly, Cobi's video is satire and does not necessarily slander anyone or any organization. I wouldn't compare Cobi's with Ridor. Not the same. Yet, Deb Ann, I see your point about DR not being consistent. It is nothing new. :)

LChaim2007 said...

Ouchy! Deafread can't stand the way Ridor speaks out his expression of feeling against Barry Sewell in his blog. Shame on DR for doing this to Ridor who is an innocent and suffering enough! Therefore, Barry needs to shut up with his own hands for his big egoism! His egoism always fails and can't fix his own problem in front of DVTV... toooo late for him!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with everyone here.
Ridor, AKA Ricky Taylor, has been making a living of attacking so many people so much, I would be surprised if he's ever going to be hit by a libel and slander suit.

Deaf Read did the right thing to separate from association with him.
If you looked back on the past blog awards, Ridor won too many times in the past. The last Deaf Read awards were 2007. We've already missed 2008. 2009 is in doubt.

So Deaf read, thank you for taking ridor away. The less we hear of them, the more we hear of FRESH, Sane bloggers and vloggers here.

tayler said...

Ricky Taylor's post came close to being too negative on Jack Jason, but this was not the reason it was moved to DeafRead Extra.

It was because of name-calling. Someone, not Jack Jason, was called "fucktard". This was missed when the moderator first read it. It was caught later on by our team, and that's when it was moved to Extra. Sorry about this. As you may have read, DeafRead moderated over 1,100 posts in March. This is a tremendous amount of posts to process. Talk about tedious. :)

We need to be careful about double standards. We can't say it's OK to name-call someone you don't like, but when a friend of yours is name-called, the rules should change. The rule needs to apply to everyone equally regardless of your agreement with the comment.

Regarding RLM's 2010 Census, I just took a quick look at it. This is the first time I'm hearing about this.

It's easy to see why it was moved to Extra. Guideline #3 doesn't allow plagiarism. A considerable portion of the post is a paste from another source.

Again, we've missed posts that were plagiarized or contained plagiarism. They are difficult to detect. I'm happy to see this post was moderated correctly.

Don G. said...

ASL Risen --

Yes, RLM's blog on the Census was in Extra. And you bring up another example... I didn't know about Carl S.'s Teachers are Blameless post...

Sheesh! Just what are they thinking over in DeafRead Central?

Jared Evans said...


To answer your questions:

Carl's "Teachers are blameless" showed up on DeafRead front page on April 15th. It wasn't in Extra.

RLM's post had a paste of an entire article so it was moved to Extra.

I hope that clarifies why we took the action we did on those posts. For the vast majority of the decisions made by the team, they make the right call.


Cobra said...

Don G., I want to see your blog about Harleygirl If you dont mind to give me your blog?

AslRisen, I agree with you about Carl's blog should put in blog not in Extra.

Anonymous said...


I think that the editors do not have the time to read all blogs and watch vlogs, so they dump some of them in EXTRAS. A week or later, they would move some of blogs to the front based on a number of votes cast by readers.

The editors forget that sone people, myself included, rarelyt read EXTRAS.

Jean B.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I forgot to ask you in my previous message: What is the title of Barry's vlog taken over by his son Cobi? I would like to
cmment before drawing a final cnclusuon.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...


I'm babysitting my granddaughter (two months old)

I will try to get back to you soon.

RLM said...

Hi Jared and Tayler and DeafRead Editors,

I want to thank Don G for bringing up my blog posting on U.S. Census 2010 and ASL issues.

First of all, I could not possibly copy and paste the link to the Sun Senitel newspaper. I am not really the tech wizard myself.

I sometimes find the Apple Mac computer to be harebrained which end up paste the entire article, instead of inserting the link.

Please send out frequent reminders to DR bloggers and vloggers and readers the basic DR rules, etc.

So we would not end up hissing each others. Don't you agree? :)

I have not been notified why my U.S. Census 2010 blog posting end up in the DR Extras without any explaination.

I had been miffed and wondered why my blog posting ended up on the DR Extras without being aware of the DR rules.

We are all humans. I could not remmy the DR rules and policies all the time. :)

I hope that you, the DR team will take my suggestion into consideration for frequent reminders of DR policies to lessen such suspicion and finger-pointings and wrong assumptions. Okay?

Peace out,

Don G. said...


You can see my vlog relating to Harleygirl's comment at It's the first one ("Cochlear Implant is here to stay!")

ASL Risen said...

Excuse me Jared!!!

I already have a proof that Carl's blog was on Extra and here's my number 9 video comment to proof for you, Jared. Go look at this nbr 9 video comment "For Jared" on this DVTV (copied and pasted) link:

Jared, can you pls explain to me why was that Carl's blog "Teachers are blameless" on Extra??? I already voted for Carl's blog with evidence!!

tayler said...

RLM, there weren't any assumptions. It did happen. The source is on the post, and it is linked correctly. However, the real issue is that we felt TOO MUCH was copied which violates Fair Use. Hone it down a bit to be concise and direct to better make points with carefully selected excerpts.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

For Anonymous (6:38 a.m.)

I understand Jared's message that Ridor's post violated the rule #8 as for Deafread, not Deafvideo TV... but it does not mean he's a follower of Barry. I know he is not. He's too smart for that. :)

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Yes, that’s true. We shouldn’t blame Deafread about this situation. I don’t blame them, but I’m just concerned. Why does Barry have all his freedom of speech in Deafvideo TV? But I know that Ridor has a freedom of speech if he doesn’t do name-calling and attacking on a person, it’d be in Deafread. Jared and Tayler explained it well. It has been under control. Why don’t they do in Deafvideo TV? As for an instance, a person does not do name-calling, but playing mind games, would it be okay? That’s what it bothers me.
Yes, you’re right. I do email to Deafread editors if I have any questions. But this one is different, I thought that I needed to bring it here as to few things: controlling, playing mind games, twisting, upsetting some people in Deafvideo TV. It has been quite an ugly drama. If a person does it again and again. Will it be accepted for the person to do playing mind games, twisting, upsetting again and again? Few vloggers got kicked out of Deafvideo TV . . . Why not Barry? It’s been like that for a long time. I guess that it’s time for me to ignore him from now on. I hope so I can! :)

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Thank you, Candy. Yes, that's true! We need to be reminded about the rules.
That kind of thing is getting so old. :) Glad that Jared and Tayler came in and explained really well.

Yes, I agree with you about Cori's video.
Few vloggers got kicked out or banned out of Deafvideo TV.. Hint, hint, hint..

It's getting so difficult. I guess that will never be smooth. But we need to be reminded that there are so many good videos in Deafvideo TV. It's positive.
Thanks, again.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

ASL Risen,

I need to let you talk with Jared. I won't get in between you and Jared. I believe that he's a nice guy. Hopefully, he will come back to talk with you. Or you could email him. Either way would be fine.

Anonymous said...

Keep Ridor aka Ricky Taylor out of Deaf Read and Deaf Video TV. I agree with Jared and Tayler for banning him. If you don't like reading/watching Barry or Cobi's blogs or vlogs, then don't watch them. I know you can ignore them.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...


Well, this message you left here is kind of too strong for that.

Deb Ann

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Anonymous at 11:10 a.m.

I respect that way you share with your viewpoint. I don't have a problem with it.

Thanks for coming here.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

I need to stop now and I'll right back to you after I'm done with VP call.

Deaf SweetMind said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Anonymous ( 6:34 p.m.)

I'm sorry I can't talk with you. If you feel strong about it, that's okay.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Dear Tayler,

I got it. Thanks for coming in and explaining why all the stuff. Thanks also for your heart! Now it makes sense to me.

Now I have a question for you. Is it okay for a person to act controlling, playing mind games, hurting (without name-calling), making lies, and twisting..from time to time?? Is it accepted for Deafvideo TV? Is this a healthy freedom of speech?

You know, few of the vloggers got suspected for two weeks and few of them got banned out of Deafvideo TV...that is good, so it can be under control for the healthy, better atmosphere for people’s sake.

Deb Ann

LChaim2007 said...

This is my freedom of speech to expression this and tell you how I feel about this issue. I am on behalf of Ridor.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Deaf SweetMind,

I'm sorry I don't quite get it. Who are you talking to?

Who is a deaf single guy and Deaf leader?

Deb Ann

Deb Ann and Hannah said...


All right, it's your freedom of speech. You can make it better by using creative words, better and positive ones. You can do it. :)

Deaf SweetMind said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Dear Deaf Sweetmind,

I'm sorry that your messages are to be removed since we need to stay the focus on this matter.

I hope you're okay with me.
Deb Ann

Jared Evans said...

I would like to remind everyone that we're still humans and it's guaranteed that we WILL make mistakes once in a while.

We're the first to admit that we are not perfect in every decision we make on DeafRead. That's why Tayler and I always say to go ahead and email us if you feel a mistake was made and clarification is warranted.

It doesn't help anyone when some people prefer to jump to conclusions and start blasting us based upon assumptions that aren't true in the first place.

The DeafRead team tries very hard to sure the right decisions were made and they have done a great job of it. Tayler and I are ultimately responsible for the decisions of the team and the guidelines are being followed.

Now, I would like to give a better picture of what we go through. Like Tayler said earlier, there were 1,100 posts in March our team had to decide upon. Let's say we made 4 or 5 mistakes out of 1,100 since we are human after all. That's still only .4% error rate and is 99.6% accurate which is beyond an outstanding job well done!

tayler said...

Deb Ann, I'm happy to answer your question.

"Is it okay for a person to act controlling, playing mind games, hurting (without name-calling), making lies, and twisting..from time to time?? Is it accepted for Deafvideo TV? Is this a healthy freedom of speech?"

Controlling, playing mind games and hurting are opinions made about a vlogger. It's not proven. I can't play judge on every vlog--start saying "you're too controlling, this and that." This is very judgmental. I'm not in the position to make those judgments. What I suggest instead is if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe with a vlogger's comments, although it doesn't name-call, do not watch the vlogger.

About lies, how do I know the truth? This is impossible. I cannot know what the truth is. People from different sides will tell me their story.

"You know, few of the vloggers got suspected for two weeks and few of them got banned out of Deafvideo TV...that is good, so it can be under control for the healthy, better atmosphere for people’s sake."

I've only suspended one person for two weeks recently. I don't know where you are getting this information. I gave this person a warning, and he showed me (in an e-mail) that he understood why he was warned. Soon after, he violated the R-List. I don't know why. Maybe he didn't think I was serious. On May 10, I will be re-activating his DeafVIDEO.TV account. I think he's a cool guy, but rules are rules.

kim said...

Some of my favorite bloggers are routinely shelved to 'extra' One way of getting around that is to add the blog to your Google reader, which you already have since you use blogspot. That way you'll never miss any of your favorite bloggers posts, It doesn't really matter where DeafRead puts stuff. :-)

Also-- I agree with whoever said the guidelines are enforced 'arbitrarily' I've been saying that a long time.

I was surprised my cat post made it to the front page yesterday. It had nothing to do with being deaf. I fully expected them to stick it in extra. Weird. . .?

Anonymous said...


You are allowed the blogger and the vlogger to call names and insult about Richard Roehm.

It is conflict of interest to the guideline, which said “Naming a person is still fine, however if the named person is insulted, or targeted negatively,….”

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Right now, I'm at the library and watching my 3-year-old boy and my
2-month-old granddaughter, they're with me. I have make it quick!

For six of you,

Sorry that I can't post your comments. Tayler and Jared already answered in their messages.

For two of you,

Your messages are too strong; I'm sorry to say that I won't post your comments.

For one of you,
I respect you that you love Barry, but I don't think you have recognized his patterns of controlling. It's not healthy.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Tayler, Jared, Kim, and Anonymous,

I'd like to reply as soon as possible and talk with each of you. Just let you know that I'm not ignoring you. :)

Thank you for your messages. Have a great day!

I have to close now and get back to my kids (my son and my granddaughter)

Deb Ann and Hannah said...


I just recieved your message during my granddaughter's sleeping on my chest and my youngest son is watching his movie.

Let me be honest with you. I think that it's not related to my topic, so I guess that if you want to email your personal message to Amy Cohen Efron and others.

Sorry! :)
I hope you're okay with me.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...


Well, I still do admire you. :D

I think this is not related to my topic, so if you'd like to email your personal message to Tayler.

Tayler is a good guy, you got to believe me. If it annoys your butt, releive to itch it some where else...(laughing lightly) I DO, DO, DO understand your feeling, but it's not here just because it's not related to my topic.

Love ya (kisses) Hope you'll feel better!

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Dear Tayler and Jared,

I understand all the way. It won't change me . . . I still admire you both. :)

If it is in my place, I would kick Barry out. I have seen all the patterns of his controlling. It's not that hard to recognize. It seems to me that there is no chance for us to make a safe atmosphere for everyone. I let Barry and his son to celebrate. They’re great leaders but evil. How can we protect the innocent people? Please reconsider it.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Hi Kim!

Yes, it happened to me one time, but I'm so happy that it is in the front even that it's not deaf related. :D

Anonymous said...

Deb Ann

Barry Sewell violated the R-List.

Cyberstalking and computer harassment

“the Internet, by an individual or group of individuals, to harass another individual, group of individuals, or organization. The behavior includes false accusations, monitoring, the transmission of threats, identity theft,….”

"An exception to the two strike rule applies when users send the operator of DeafVIDEO.TV, via any method, insulting, indecent or vulgar material. The exception also applies if the operator of DeafVIDEO.TV is stalked via any method."

It isn't fair.

Anonymous said...

Deb Ann and Hannah said...
Hi Kim!

Yes, it happened to me one time, but I'm so happy that it is in the front even that it's not deaf related. :D

Oh, really. The editors put you in the front? Teach us how how to put our blogss in the front?

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

It happened one time. It was last year. I think it just happened by a mistake. Look up what Tayler and Jared said in their messages.

Thank you,
Deb Ann

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Anonymous at 2:41 p.m.

Thanks for this information. That's what we need to know!!

jelly said...

Quite a few of my posts never make it on DeafRead. Although they have nothing to do with deafness, I thought they would still be listed.

Oh well. :-(

Way to go DebAnn!!

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Hello Kym!

Oh really? You can email Tayler or Jared and let them know. They'll be happy to fix it for you.
I'm sure that people out there truly enjoy your blog, so keep blogging! :))

Thanks so much for your support!
Deb Ann

The One and Only Ridor said...

I'm amused by the fact that people are still discussing about my blog entries.

Anonymous: I'm amused that you continue to hide behind the screen in your attempts to attack me ... FYI, I was never banned from DeafRead -- occasionally, my entries gets mentioned on DR and/or DR Extra -- honest in all, I do not give a crap about DR or DVTV. I find them to be waste of my time, energy and many, many entries produced by Deaf bloggers/vloggers are quite awful at what they do.

Hence is the reason why I rarely visit DR and DVTV.

Me dodo? There are better blog aggregator across the internet which I enjoyed more than DR. It's only my opinion.

I personally think cuss words are fine as long as you get to be creative with it. If you can't be creative with it, then don't use it.

That's it. Duh!


Deb Ann and Hannah said...

"I personally think cuss words are fine as long as you get to be creative with it. If you can't be creative with it, then don't use it."

That's pretty interesting advice, Ridor. *giggling*

Deb Ann

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