Monday, September 14, 2009

For Tayler, Yay!!

You did a good job, Tayler! Check out his link for the video on deafhood and audism.
That is what I exactly thought when I read and researched on deafhood and audism until I get it right with the meaning of deafhood and audism. Tayler said it perfectly!

Thumbs up, Tayler!!!

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Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Thank you for leaving a nice message here, but I need to protect your name.

Annoy (two of you)
I'm sorry that I can't let you affront him and Tayler.

I think I know who you are . . . (just one of you),and I do like your videos in Youtube. It doesn't mean that I always agree with you. Okay, I do understand your feeling..I really do.