Friday, September 11, 2009

DVTV . . . What a Sad Story!

DVTV . . . dvtv . . . DVTV . . . dvtv . . . DVTV . . . what a sad story!

Do you want to know what's inside of my thinking?

I think Russell is cute, but some of his talking isn't cute at all. What does it mean? AnNoYiNg.
That’s what it is. He’s trying to be nice. Yes, I can see that. I think he’s cute and trying to be nice. To me, he's a little bit annoying. What Russell has said is not oppressing.

Like me? Maybe you do. Some of you like him, and some of you don’t like him. No big deal.

I don't think there is any audism in DVTV. No, that is not Audism. They just have different perspective they want to share . . . and different beliefs on stuff. Why? All different people aren’t on the same idea. They have a right to share what they think. It's a freedom of speech. Like it or not. That is what we have to deal with. Life goes on.

Keep a healthy dialogue . . . we need to remind ourselves to praise first then agree to disagree.

Good job, lady (Aguabo) about the facts on CI. I found another blog that some people are suing CI company for the failures. I like you. I hope you don't mind, give Russell a chance. He can be annoying but a little bit.

Good job, Russell for trying to share your perspective with her . . . I think that you need to praise her and admire her . . . then you can share your opinion and what you see . . . It’s your challenge. You also need to see what it’s annoying when you talk to someone. Nevertheless, I like you.

I just finished my coffee! (it's Friday at 10 a.m.)

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