Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Bye

I’ve decided to give my blog a rest. I've completed all my journeys with Deafread and Deafvideo TV. They gave me rich experiences on all things they spoke of. Now it’s time for me to go on a new path just waiting for me.

I’ve admired you,
Deb Ann


LaRonda said...

Will miss your light and inspirational poems. Enjoy your next journey.


~ LaRonda

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Say it isn't so, Deb Ann. I will miss your blog!!!! Please stay in touch on Facebook and I hope you will continue to read/comment on my blog.

kim said...

Oh Gosh! This is bad news indeed! I so enjoy reading your blog. It's uplifting! Keep in touch. I will miss you greatly!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to you poems at the new place.

jelly said...

Please continue to read and comment on my blog as well.
You will be missed, I enjoy our friendship here in the blogosphere.

I hope you find whatever it is awaits you on your journey.

Keep in touch.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Thank you for being here. :)

Sure, I'll read/leave a comment on your blogs. I'm blessed to have wonderful friends like you in the blogsphere.

jelly said... your not leaving forever!

I will miss your posts, but glad your not totally leaving.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...


Yes, that's right. I'm not leaving forever.
I need to focus on something else for awhile.