Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I read newspapers about Sunflower this morning. I loved the quote by Carol Lynn Ripka:
"Their heads bowing or dancing cheerfully in the breeze, sunflowers are a fun and festive end-of-summer flower and a prelude to fall"

photos by Flickr

Sunflowers are attractive to our heart, by our house,
and in the sun & dark.

their heads are bowing, ready for harvesting

their faces dance in the soft breeze

Sunflowers are true beautiful to the eye

Seeding sunflowers
cheerfully thriving in sun
bowing, harvesting


SpeakUp Librarian said...

Reminded me of the mystery of the disappearing sunflower heads from my childhood. Who or what was stealing the tops of the sunflowers from our garden? We were all baffled as to who the culprit could be. One day we returned home and walked out into the backyard just in time to see a squirrel scampering away with the stalk of a sunflower head gripped between his teeth!

Deb Ann and Hannah said...


At our family camp, we returned to our tent just in time to see a squirrel eating some dirty cooked- marshmallow. We were quietly watching the squirrel eating and how interesting it handles the marshmallow! It's hands had to stretch every other second while eating the cooked-marshmallow in its mouth. Once we made a noisy, it ran really fast with the marshmallow in its mouth up the cottonwood tree. The squirrels are always amazing with anything!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

I like your squirrel story too!