Friday, October 19, 2007

My original poetry about the innocent DEAF children being implanted

Trying to go through the glass of a window, crying for little Deaf children being implanted

Without their right, without their will,
without their personal choice of the mode communication

Without their own uniqueness,
without a taste of a natural sign language,
without their thoughts and choices
on the cochlear implants

Without the direction
of their mind, heart, and soul in their inner DEAF core

Trying to go through the glass of a window,
heartbreaking for little Deaf children who already are implanted, lost their taste of their DEAF inner world

Then looking through the glass of a window,
too much hurt to watch the little Deaf girl

A little curly blond girl running,
feeling great in her own Deaf world

Without sounds in her ears
and without transfigurations of what the sounds are or where the sounds are from

Happily, running and running for freedom
in a beautiful scene without noisies in her ears

Her feet touching, moving quickly in rich green grass,
free from transforming the sounds

Her feet moving fast in the grass,
looking for crossing the street to the playground,

Watching through the glass of a window,
feeling so much pains, knowing something is going to happen to the innocent little Deaf girl in the next scene

Her curly hair was flying,
her arms opening freely, feeling the crisp air through her body, her feet moving, feeling soft grass, seeing all the scenes, no more annoy noises in her ears with CI, her glossy blue-ocean eyes tending to the playground cross the street, crossing the street

Not knowing the car driving by,
the little girl's CI was off-plugged

The blond girl running was going to cross the street,
feeling so freely, not hearing anything

The driver saw the little girl not arranging to stop,

Screaming through the glass of the window,
so much desired to rescue the little girl

Scared the driver, his heart was beating tight,
concerning on the brake, more he hopes to brake to make it not to hit the little girl

The creator up above,
commanded his quardian angel to go down quickly to the little girl

The coming guardian angel touched the shoulder
of the CI-off plugged little girl

Giving her the silent whisper into her heart,
telling her to pause and sense of what's there

All she felt is the air against the truck passing
just an inch front of her face

Confusing her big glamorous blue eyes

The mother ran down scattered in her soul,
yelling for her name

Behind the little girl, yelling,
yelling for her name, the mother thought her girl could hear

Grabbing her with a joy that she is okay,
and speaking to her but no sign language spoken

Puzzled the mother,
recognizing the little girl disconnects her cochlear implant

The mother put it back
and confirmed she is to keep it on, telling her to stick with CI

Diminished the girl's soul
of being Deaf in her inner world for a previous moment

Her glossy blue eyes,
big innocent eyes, turning to dull blue teary eyes, not knowing her inner core is lost

Who's watching through the glass of a window,
so much hurt to see how the Deaf girl's soul diminished, who do you think? That is "we are."

~Deb Ann
the photo created by phitar


Oscar Serna said...


LaRonda said...

HEARTFELT! Thanks for sharing your poem with us.

~ LaRonda

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

Wow, great poetry! Perfect example of our view. Good job Deb! Deaf children are sort of like a goldfish in tank, observing whats out there but cannot speak out

Anonymous said...

What a masterpiece. It makes me recall my discussion with one mother who told me she wants her son to hear her voice, to know her, and to love her. I was dumbfound and told her that I know my own mother and love her to odeath. We both are deaf, and it doesn't change our love at all.

Yes, carelessness happens. It happened to my mother when I was a tottler. I was found floating in one of those canals in Holland and they managed to pump waters out of my lungs. I survived the "opaqueness" that I could only remember from this incident, but it never changes my love for my mother.

Coclear implants are man-made, and they are therefore highly probable. Children with cochlear implants do not hear the way hearing people normally do. We have yet to educate our society that they are not what they seem to be.

Stephen J. Hardy said...

Deb Ann:

Can you do this in ASL please. I want to see poetry in mostion using your ASL.

That way I can see beauty.

You up for that?

C said...

Awesome! Thanks for guiding me to your poem.

Hana said...

Hi! Sorry for being late coming over here. :p

I like this poem very much. It makes me remember the times when I was told I had to wear hearing aid so that I could avoid near-accidents like this. Yes, was nearly hit a few times myself before I learned to use my other senses and LOOK. :)

Instead of being taught about my Deaf senses, I was scolded for not having hearing, just like the little girl near the end.

Thank you for writing the poem and sharing it.

Fookembug said...

Wow, great poetry! I wonder if you can do it in vlog?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, thank you. There are other senses, there is other hearing - whispers of the spirit. Thank you for speaking to this.

kw said...

This is wonderful! I never thought of a CI from a Deaf child's point of view. It's very powerful. Thanks so much for writing it-- a real eye-opener!

Deb Ann said...

Thank you, KW! Guess what, I just finished the vlog few minutes ago. I did my best to do ASL in the vlog about this poetry.