Sunday, June 15, 2008

Please don't get me cochlearized!

Pleaseeee don't get me Cochlearized!!!


Anonymous said...


What is wrong being organic.

klasieprof said...

Just wanted to say Hi and let you know I stopped by.

Lane said...

ha funny.

Cruise Trip for the Deaf - Oct 2007 said...

LOL! I like the picture.

I am not interested in cochlear implant,too

Deaf Pixie said...

Funny, Dog cannot do that?

It is funny picture. It is new to me.

Mary said...

Cochlear Implants are for dumb people.

Deb Ann said...


Really, it's not for dumb people. It's an individual personal choice.

Deb Ann

Seek Geo said...

Haha, that is very cute one!!

Mary, your comment is not acceptable. I don't think you would have liked it if others say ASL is for dumb people.

So let me say, treat others the way you want to be treated.