Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Room

It's written by my daughter, Hannah
My room is filled with giggles from the past,
But sooner or later they'll fade,
Because nothing there will ever last,
Like when my friends and I always played,
But the future of it is not it's past,

Because now it's where the "girls" and I chat,
And clutch and kiss my fluffy cat,
Where I cower from my terrifying brother,
And get sent to by my strict mother,

My room,
Is filled with my emotions,
My emotions,
Of wonder and imagination,
My imagination causes the things there to comfort me,
In the night,
Like where the moonlight peeks through the blinds
to watch over me,
How my books,
Tell me stories,
While the stuffed creatures,
Complain about being squashed,
And how the fan and light are my sun and wind of the indoors,
My room will always be,
My place,
Of comfort and love.


Anonymous said...

very neat picture of ur daughter bedroom... i like the poem, it is beautiful...

Deb Ann said...

Thank you, Chillyguriz. :)
I'll have her read your comment when she gets home from school. She completed her school work on this one. Her teacher wanted every student to write a poetry about the room. It's due today, and I'm sure that her teacher will love her poetry.
Thanks again! I still read your blog and keep on blogging/vlogging. You have touched so many!