Monday, December 15, 2008

Painting a Self Portrait Affect

It's written by my youngest daughter, Hannah (11 years old)

How does painting a self portrait affect the way people find out who they are? Self portraits assist me to find out how the artists think about themselves and their life. Since art is so important to me, I like to express life and emotions with it, which is what many other artists try to do when creating their self portraits. First, the background of a self portrait is very important to me when it comes to art. The background of my self portrait would definitely include my family because they're very special to me because they keep me occupied with their love, anger, annoyance, and more. I would also have my fabulous pets included in my self portrait. Like my family, they keep me occupied because they are frequently loving and friendly. Last but not least, I would include my interests, such as reading, drawing, writing, and singing. To conclude, there are several things I would include in a self portrait other than myself. Next, there are a few discoveries that I revealed when thinking about my self portrait. My first finding is that I am too uptight with books, and I need to be more emotional about family and not fictional characters. Plus, I am too uncaring towards my darling pets.

I'm sure they would absolutely enjoy getting more pats, hugs, and kisses that show how much I love them. To sum up, I made many discoveries when thinking about a self portrait. Finally, there are many changes to be formed in my life when I discovered what I did wrong. The first change is that I would make is that I need to be more emotional towards my innocent animals and caring family instead of fictional characters in books and videos. To do that I would take a break from reading and bond with my fabulous pets and family members. I would be more caring to my family by saying thanks more often to display my gratefulness towards them. In conclusion, there are many changes to be made in my life since I realized my mistakes. To summarize, creating a self portrait can help people to uncover who they really are. Through that I realized I need to change what I am emotional about.


SpeakUp Librarian said...

How insightful. Has she drawn a self portrait to accompany her writing?

Deb Ann said...

Good morning Sarah :)

Yes, she has. It's still in the art classroom at school.
But I'm glad you asked. It should go with it. When she brings it home, I'll add to it.

Deb Ann said...

Here are the pictures in this post.
She cares for her cat, dog, rabbit, and new hamster. She enjoys caring for them.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Love her self portrait. She's talented!

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Thank you, Sarah. I think so, too!

Deb Ann