Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Super Nanny With Deaf Parents on Channel ABC

Hey, all!
Don't miss it.

Super Nanny will be with deaf family (It's actually deaf parents with hearing children, I think)

It'll be on Oct 10th at 8 pm (Central time) Channel ABC.

Let families and friends know about this one!
Deb Ann

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Room

It's written by my daughter, Hannah
My room is filled with giggles from the past,
But sooner or later they'll fade,
Because nothing there will ever last,
Like when my friends and I always played,
But the future of it is not it's past,

Because now it's where the "girls" and I chat,
And clutch and kiss my fluffy cat,
Where I cower from my terrifying brother,
And get sent to by my strict mother,

My room,
Is filled with my emotions,
My emotions,
Of wonder and imagination,
My imagination causes the things there to comfort me,
In the night,
Like where the moonlight peeks through the blinds
to watch over me,
How my books,
Tell me stories,
While the stuffed creatures,
Complain about being squashed,
And how the fan and light are my sun and wind of the indoors,
My room will always be,
My place,
Of comfort and love.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

CoOl PiCtUrEs Of DeAf ExPo

Come see Bug from Fookem & Bug's site, John Maucere, Ken Davis, Michi Demarrais, and the deaf owner, Paul Harvey and his deaf horse

Eric aka Bug and me
Fookem and Bug's Site:

John and me
John Maucere's link:

Michi and me
Michi Demarrais' (as ASL Silent Chef) link through

Ken and me
Ken Davis' website:

Paul Harvey, aka Coach Bronco (the deaf owner) and Skipper, the deaf horse
Paul's link:

It's my pleasure meeting you all guys, especially Bug..I've met him few times before! Enjoy all the links. :)

Check out Deaf Expo in your area (dates and locations) through Deaf Nation Expo (Free Admission for exhibitions, workshops, and entertainment)

Good luck!

Short Video Clips:

Monday, September 8, 2008

Deaf's Inner Core

Deaf people are likely to feel stressed in areas specific to deafness. They're walking in their own path. They need to know what they're looking for. In the end, they're completed with the answers. It's also great for people who have struggles in an unhealthy/abusive relationship. It could be anything. Join and read with us.

The shadows in backgrounds or behind the scenes are always a mystery. Not knowing what mystery is could be bad. Not wanting to know what mystery is could be worse! Mystery will be always be mystery.

Walking in silence and passing through places where it smooths conflicts in your thoughts or hearts is peace.

Harmony and peace through Deaf’s eyes come in your heart. Your heart wants to have peace. Enjoying a beautiful scenario brings you peace into your heart and music into your eyes.

Mystery is art. Art is mystery. It’s up to you whether or not you are going to ponder about it and taking your time or just taking a quick glance. (This paragraph was written by my daughter, Hannah.)

You can take a look at this picture (with mystery in it). It gives you something to test your knowledge with by investigating about it and identifying various clues of mystery. Finding the clues is a solution of the mystery.

The sky calms beautifully. The blue weave of sky calms. You wouldn’t want to miss it. Take every minute of spending and staring at the blue weave of sky that calms your soul.

A tear feels so cold and so blue. It embedded in your heart and filled your soul.

You don’t need to be perfect. No one on Earth is perfect. You know the thing that is not easy and amazing to give up on being perfect. You’ll be thrilled by just learning to let it go and be yourself. That giving-up-being-perfect thing is awesome and perfect for just you.

It is healthy to forget about trying to be perfect. Light reflects who you are. Be yourself and let it light.

Written by Deb Ann

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's Always My Favorite Fall

"My Favorite Fall" by Deb Ann

Fall brings the moving music in your eyes.
Leaves change color in the air.
Leaves dance in autumn.
The river shines mistily.
All sparkled into your eyes.