Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Five Random Thoughts

I just had five Random thoughts today.

#1 My oldest daughter, Tamra stopped by & we all went out to eat at Taco Bell for lunch!

#2 My granddaughter, Avalon can say, "Da, da, da,da.” She is so cute!

#3 My second and third kids, Sam and Hannah just had haircuts today. They look great!

#4 My youngest son, Brandon was so proud that he's able to help his dad working in the backyard!

#5 I had a long busy day taking care of things and errands. I finally got the set of DVD slideshow of family pictures. I'm glad they would redo it for me at last! (I need to learn how to create a DVD slideshow on my own)


LaRonda said...

Though these things may seem small in the business of daily lives, they are the stuff that makes life wonderful. The simple joys that a woman, wife and mother notices in her family and in her day.... just beautiful.

Thanks for sharing. Your thoughts inspire me to let go of the busy-ness that's spinning wheels in my head.

~ LaRonda

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Thank you, LaRonda. I'm glad it helped! You have such a beautiful family. Your hubby and son love you so much! I know that :)