Sunday, November 29, 2009

Be Offended!

Wake up and open your eyes!
See that being a Christian does not mean going to church.
Going to happy-go-lucky concerts.
Going to motivational weekend get-a-ways.
Potlucks on the first Sunday of the month.
Being holier-than-thou.
Refusing to understand because it’s "bad."
Being a Christian . . . being CHRIST like . . .
a CHRIST follower . . . being a little CHRIST
means being knowing that God is the ONLY judge.
Being there for someone when they need you.
Shining so brightly that people want to know
why you are different.
Hanging out with the sinners.
I am so tired, WORN DOWN, and SICK of "Christians."
How fake you are.
How utterly disgusting you are.
You are so caught up in throwing your Religion in people’s faces
and judging them for their sins that you FORGET to follow God.
You forgot that God and Christ love everyone.
It is not for you to judge.
JESUS CHRIST was offensive.
He hung out with the dirty whores, liars, and thieves.
JESUS CHRIST made the Pharisees angry.
JESUS CHRIST offended the religious people.
I see people every single day
who think they are better than the bum on the street.
I see people every single day
who think they are better than the man
who cheated on his wife.
I see people every single day
who think they are better than the person
who stole a car.
When do I see people who realize that
their sins are NO LESS and NO GREATER
than any other sin?
Hardly. Ever.
I hate that people justify their actions
by hiding behind their religion.
May I remind you that you are acting out of a sinful nature
by being a judge instead of a follower?
Now, I ain’t perfect.
I just said ain’t.
But at least I know that I have no religion.

I have a faith . . . I have a passion . . . and I have love.
That is all I need.
Because when you are sitting in your Bible study
with your religious friends . . .
I am out there . . .
Showing the people who really need God
what He is all about.
Love. Forgiveness. Acceptance.
Not judgement. Haughtiness. Rejection.
Be offended.

It's written by my oldest daughter, Tami. I'm darn proud of her!
She spoke out for the Truth. Bold Tami.

Be CHRIST like Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! You're an amazing writer, Tami!

Your sister,