Thursday, January 17, 2013

I am posting this poem of truth by a DV victim... the enablers of the abuser had the poem removed from the victim's FB wall, trying to hide truth, to protect the abuser. My duty to make truth VISIBLE for her sake, for the victims of domestic violence, to give an idea what she and other victims/survivors have gone through. Karen~ 

I’ve had it all.
A husband.
Beautiful Children.
A house with backyard and long front porch.
A loyal dog.
A teaching job that I loved.
A bi-weekly paycheck with health insurance and retirement plan.
Two vehicles.
A large Deaf community.
I’ve had it all.
Over time, things changed.
The husband was supposed to be someone I trusted. He shuffled between our home to someone else’s home. Three divorce papers were served in three years.
Beautiful children turned into terrified children.
A house turned into a haven of ongoing abuse.
The dog was used as a leverage to my emotional and mental abuse. I was forced to hand him the dog as part of the property division agreement in divorce.
I was not doing a good job as a teacher. I was called into my supervisor’s office several times for my poor performance. I cried a lot. I jumped every time VP rang. I cringed every time I received his text. I eventually left my job with tremendous support of my colleagues.
My paycheck was monitored by him religiously. He took some money stating it was for “summer vacation.” That money was never seen again.
The vehicles remained mine and his.
The Deaf community went silent.
Family became enemies.
Circle of friends became smaller. Some avoided me out of fear and confusion. Some stayed. “He didn’t do anything to me.” “I don’t know what to do.” “I hope you are okay.”

Two years later.
I’ve had it all.
No husband.
Beautiful children.
An apartment, 3rd floor.
A new puppy.
No job.
Government financial assistance program without a retirement plan.
One vehicle.
A wonderful Deaf community, different state and city.
I’ve had it all.

Courage was all I needed.