Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bob's House -- Pepsi's new Super Bowl Ad

I got to have it on my blog for my family to see! It became my favorite (winks)


Deaf Pixie said...

I show Lilly, my daughter to watch the Pespi commerical ads. she laughed so hard after one house doesnt turn flip the house after driver honked. It has been carried for more than almost 60 years!! The deaf joke never faded!

57 years that, Deaf people joke for many years.

Never fade the deaf joke. Lilly love it

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Deb Ann,
I played it three times for my son before he quite caught on...ha, ha...he's only eleven. It will be interesting to see the reaction to the ad the Monday after the Super Bowl.
Just wanted to let you know I've been following your vlogs although I don't know enough ASL yet to fully comprehend them and make a meaningful comment. I think maybe someone thought you were "too nice". I've been told that before too. I say stay the way you are - you have found a way of resolving conflict that works for you.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Deb Ann,
What I said above doesn't mean that I don't support Karen. I do!

Deb Ann said...

Hi Sarah,
Oh, thank you for the kind comment and your support. Yes, it will be very interesting to see the reaction to the Pepsi ad after the game..We will be at my family's house and I can't wait to see their laughs. I'll also buy Pespi for my family. ;)

Becky said...

Hi Deb,
Todd and George like the show; they say it is funny show. Also my husband Justin likes it too. Have fun at ur parents' house on Sunday. I will work this day.
Have a nice day.

kw said...

I swear I just did the dumbest thing. I wrote my comment to you in McConnell's blog. hahaha!

I loved this commercial when I first saw it!! I remember the joke about the couple at the hotel. It's such a cute commercial! I noticed you're reading Hurt Go Happy. Do you like the book? Are there other books with Deaf characters you like? Have a great afternoon!

I'm makin pies for my nephews birthdays. . .

Deb Ann said...

ha ha ha ha (laughing with tears on my eyes)

I saw your comment on McConnell's blog and I was wondering if he reads that book but then read your next comment...I thought who else reads that book and it could be me, so I checked my blog and here you are! Thought that you are soooo funny!
Oh, I loved the book! Guess what, I met a lady who is hard of hearing at the library for our toddlers' reading aloud program and she signs in English (not ASL). We had a nice chat and then I told her about the book. She's looking forward to reading the book. At that time , I had the book with me and I let her see it. She looked through the book and said that she wanted to read. Thank you soo much for posting the book on your blog. It's a very,very good book! It kept me reading.
I haven't read other books with Deaf characters yet.
My hubby is taking some pies this afternoon, too! Buttermilk and sweet yam pies for the church potluck and fellowship tomorrow and I am making a vegetable soup (about 8 cups of veg broth and differnt kinds of vegetables)
Have a great evening, Kim!

Deb Ann said...

Deaf Pixie,
I agree that the joke is the best for years and won't fade away.

Oh no, you have to work on Sunday. Wish you can get a day off and be with your family. What time do you go to work and is it part-time job or a full- time job?

kw said...

I have never had buttermilk and sweet yam pies. I think I would like that.