Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Deaf Child's Prayer

I found it when we were cleaning out in the basement. It seems to be forever to get everything done and still a long way to go for us! I want to share what I found from a box in the basement. I'm not sure what year it was when it's written.

A Deaf Child's Prayer

"Do the angels sign in Heaven, Lord?

Will I hear the music there?

Or Must I stand in a corner

While I wonder what they're saying, Lord?

As Oft I do down here?

Must I stand in lonely stillness

While the bells ring loud and clear?

Can I read your lips in Heaven, Lord?

Will I be brushed aside,

And stick my hands in pockets

Because of wounded pride?

Will all the saints there praise you,

While I in silence wait?

Will someone up in Heaven

Help me through the gate?"

When God who loves the humble,

Whispered in the poor deaf ear,

"My child, has no one told you

There is no silence there.

Hold out your hand, my little one,

For all of Heaven to see.

We've heard them pray so many times,

Each prayer reached up to me.

See all the angels waiting

The gates are open wide

Your crown of life awaits you

And I shall be your guide.

I have a song to give you

You'll sing both loud and clear.

And the song you, my precious one,

Will be the sweetest song up here."

Author Unknown


Anonymous said...

Cute Post!


Anonymous said...

I loved this poem!

Tania Smith

Michelle said...


kw said...

This is so sweet. I've been cleaning out closets. It's funny what you find when cleaning out closets and basements-- what you save-- then put away-- then find again and it moves you again. :-)

Deb Ann said...

(laughing) that is very true, Kim!

Oh, my! I just told my husband that I'm going to clean out the closets tomorrow when the kids are in school.