Thursday, July 17, 2008

Deafread's Journey (2nd post)

a photo by Kellenita

Deafread’s Journey
by Deb Ann

Oh! Give me an understanding where we read,
Where anyone with despite our difference
sharing and acknowledging,
Where we shouldn’t see any discouraging word
but honestly in a good view
we may remark and cognize,
And Deafread as an important journey
where leading us make a process to Deafhood.

Deafhood is NEVER a cult.


Anonymous said...

If it's never a cult, then what shall we call any group that takes Ladd's version or select parts of his version and turns it into something sinister?

That said, I appreciate your intent.

Don G. said...

Show me WHERE we Deafhood proponents have taken "parts" of his work and turned it into something "sinister"? What is so "sinister" about saying that "WE are ALL Deaf together" and that "Deafhood is a PERSONAL journey that we ALL take to come to our OWN understandings of our OWN sense of Deafhood"?

A nice message, I think. No mind control, no groupthink. Hardly "sinister" in my book (and yes, I have many books).

--Don G.

Brian L. Mayes said...

I don't if this is what Deb Ann meant... I don't think she was applying the Deafhood Foundation, but the Deafhood according to Joesph from Ben's vlog... Am I wrong?

Anyway, that was a good poem.

Deb Ann said...

I watched Joey and Tommy's vlogs.

Sorry, I tried to find Ben's vlog, so please will you give me his website. I'd like to check his vlog, thanks.

Brian L. Mayes said...

Sure, it is --

drmzz said...

Hi Deb Ann, I said it before that DeafRead signify Deaf Culture cuz I took the class and most issues relate to what I've read in DeafRead. You do learn a lot from each other in DeafRead and become an empowered individual. But my youtube video got one star rating, go figure. The cult label is immature, that's all.

Deb Ann said...

Right on :)

Deb Ann said...

Thank you, Brian L. Mayes for sharing Ben's blog. Joseph did a wonderful job on the vlog! It absolutely made my heart so happy.

I wrote it on April 8, I think. I decided to post it again for the second time when it's needed.

It's also a great reminder for everyone.

mishkazena said...

Right. Deafhood as defined by Paddy Ladd and clarified by Ben Vess isn't a cult. It's just a personal journey of self examination and acceptance of one's deafness.

Deb Ann said...

Thanks, Mishkazena! :)