Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Announcement!

It's a girl!

Avalon Elizabeth
7 lbs 7oz
19 inches long
Proud parents: Dan & Tami
Proud grandparents: Tom & Deb Ann


Susan said...

Congratulation! :-D



Debbie S. said...

Congratulations "Grandma"! Is that a picture of Avalon? How sweet! I'm so happy for you!


Deb Ann said...

Thank you, Susan! ;D I'm going to upload some more pictures in a couple of hours.

Deb Ann said...

Hello Debbie! Yes, this is the picture of Avalon I got it from my dad through his website. She's so sweet, and everyone wanted to hold her.
Thank you for leaving the message. :)

Becky said...

Hi, Are Sam, Hannah and Brandon proud being uncle and aunt? Wow they are young to become uncle and aunt; arent they? :)

jelly said... must be so proud!!

enjoy her!!


Deb Ann said...

Sam and Hannah are so proud to be an uncle and aunt. Brandon is, too. He tells people (by speaking and signing) that he's an uncle and Tami has a baby girl. Some people really got confused. I think it's because that he's just a toddler..who says, " I'm uncle Brandon!" :D

Deb Ann said...


Thank you! I'm so proud! I'm ready to spoil her. :)