Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wish me a Luck!!

I decided to be lazy today. I suppose I need to get most of my chores done; though, I don't feel like doing them. I have a mountainous pile of dirty laundry waiting for me to wash them. Brandon's toys are all over in the livingroom, family room, and even on the stairs! The kitchen floor doesn't look shiny anymore so I needed to wash, clean, and wax it. Geez! I still haven't started cleaning up our three bathrooms...They're screaming: germs are swarming need to get rid of them! Our bedrooms are getting too messy because of all the stuff around... unmade beds with blankets on the top. Our dogs and cat enjoy nests on their own when we're not sleeping in. All of my family's dirty clothes are left on the floor, plus dust building up everywhere, shoes everywhere, and dishes not piled in the sinks that have to be washed since we need to use them for cooking. I'm grateful to have to a dishwasher! I was thinking..I can do that later. It always be repeated. I suppose that I need to stop quoting to myself: I will do that later. I guess I can start doing the housework bit by bit tonight when the moon is in the sky. Wish me a luck!


kym said...

cleaning...oh boy...yuck.
getting motivated to do that, is like getting motivated for brain surgery...
but just think of how happy and thankful your house will be when your done!
you can do it Deb Ann!!!

Deb Ann said...

Oh, thank you, Kym! It means a lot to me! I gotta do it :)
Last night, I did two loads of laundry, and of course washing dishes.

PwD-SD said...

Boy house cleaning isn't a chore I like either. It always seems like I never find the end of the tunnel. Though I do not have a dishwasher unless you count my left and right hand. lol. Now that I read your post I am thinking oops it's time that I do some cleaning, and that laundry that seems to wait. lol.

Deb Ann said...

I understand completely. After house is cleaned, it only stays for a very short time since I have kids.
Hope my post helps you, too and Kym's sweet message as well.
Doing a bit by bit is better than saying: do it later...
Thank you for sharing with me! :)

Deb Ann said...

I went across into your blog. It's very interesting, do you own the blog?

kym said...

When your done, you come to my house!! Please, please!! :-)

Okay, I tried.

Happy Cleaning,

Susan said...

Deb ~

That's cute. :-D I felt the same thing with my new home. I am not use to a bigger place. I am not even nearly done with the boxes. I need to unpack it and get rid of the boxes. *sigh* I haven't even start decorating my home to make it look like "home sweet home". I need to do that as soon as possible instead of saying "I'll do it later".

Ugh! hee hee


Deb Ann said...

ha ha, Kym. You're so funny.
Why don't we help each other cleaning our houses? And have a cup of coffee and some cupcakes? :D

Deb Ann

Deb Ann said...

Hello Susan! :D

I saw the pictures of your new house in facebook. What a really nice house! I understand perfectly; it happened the same here when we moved to Greeley! I'm not still used to this big house because of three bathrooms instead of one (from our old small house) Taking your time to unpack boxes is the best thing to do, so you know where stuff are. I'm sure you will get everything done in time.

Big hugs,
Deb Ann

kym said...

I just made some Valentines cupcakes tonight. Devils food with pink strawberry frosting.
And I put those little conversational hearts on top.
No, I didn't take a picture, maybe I will tomorrow when i take them to work.

Okay, so we help each other with the cleaning...and munch on cupcakes and sip good coffee. Your on!