Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Burnt Mountain

It was a Hayman fire (as a forest fire) at Douglas, Jefferson, Park, and Teller countries in Colorado last June 8, 2002. It was seven years ago. I remember that time when it happened, the sun was like orange and we could smell the forest fire all over. It was so greyish during the days. We didn't really like being outside. We still could smell the forest fire smell in our house. How did it happen? It was a forest ranger with a broken heart who was attempting to burn the letter from her husband at the campfire by herself, but it was quickly, uncontrollably spreading out the campfire. It went more than 138,000 acres. At that time, Colorado was going through a serious drought!

We decided to drive up to the mountains last Sunday and shot pictures of some current forests. I have to admit that these features of the forest made a beautiful view! There were some wild flowers. Brandon enjoyed exploring into the forest pasture.
Enjoy my pictures!

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