Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grandma's Letter ( part 2)

The teachers handled all problems, if you got into trouble there was no Principal, just your teacher. They gave spankings then, HARD ones too. I saw them break more than one yard stick on a kid. Some had belts, some had wooden paddles they used, some used their open hand I don't ever remember a kid getting kicked out of school, but the worse thing a kid did was into a fist fight with another student. Kids got in trouble for things like; chewing gum, talking, copying from someone else, being too restless and not sitting still, not having work done, very few kids talked back to teachers then, giggling, daydreaming and staring out of the window ( my biggest problem). No one worried about weapons then, kids could bring their 22 rifles or pellet guns to school (nobody bothered things then) or gave them to the teacher to hold til the end of the day. Most of the boys carried picket knives, no one cared because no one even dreamed of using them as weapons to hurt anyone. There weren't many fights, if there was the teacher took the kid home and talked with the parent after school. So if someone wanted to fight they did it out of sight of the school on their way home, then usually they would be waiting for them with a belt when they got home.

Well, I think that just about covers it all without going into specific stories. I hope this will help you and not be so late thatit is no help at all.


My daughter, Tamra wrote her a letter and asked her what her school was like.