Tuesday, November 6, 2007

KODA's poetry

My youngest daughter, Hannah edits her poetry from last October. I love her poetry and wanted to share with you on my post. I hope she'd write some more poetry. Enjoy her poetry!

The man stood outside with his lamp, waiting for any type of inspiration. All of a sudden, a beautiful, white unicorn came out of nowhere, and her mane and tail were blowing in the wind. Her glamorous eyes were dazzling with a lost feeling. The man, Jacob, reached out for his rope while trying not to take his eyes off the mare. After a while, a neigh was heard followed by a shout of victory. The elegant horse was caught. For the first time in 30 years, Jacob's eyes sparkled with excitement, and he laughed a laugh of happiness and comfort. And the horse, who Jacob named Sunny, felt as if she was home, safe and sound. Jacob climbed on her back and rubbed her neck. Then they went, flying through the sky and wet clouds that game them ice cold showers. Jacob grinned a smile as warm and loving as the sun. That particular day Sunny was exceptionally joyful from comforts. She decided to leaped higher and higher, then lower and lower, until she finally stopped at a stream and began to lap down water. Her brown, shimmery eyes gleamed with love for Jacob, she knew she would never leave him. And Jacob felt the same way.

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Bug said...


How many more people out there that were touched by your poem like you did to me? Keep writing.