Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A note for Bug from Fookem and Bug blog site

I am so bored and I can't think of anything to add
to my blog. Ah! I thought about that, Why don't I
add something to my blog...The note for Bug!

I think I found a perfect match for you!
She's glamour!
You'd faint to the ground when you meet her!
I believe you both will chat-chit for hours!
Her body is hard, smooth, and sweet
like a lollipop you'd like to lick!
If you'd squeeze her, she might bite you,
but her tiny bite won't hurt you.
Just tickle you a little bit.
You'd probably like that!
Her oval shell (sorry, no nipples, just the spots)
attacts you!
Would you like to meet her? Let me introduce her...
...her name is ladybug!

I met her in my garden last summer and thought about
FB bug!


oscar serna said...


LaRonda said...

Ha ha ha! Good one! Boredom leads to creativity!

~ LaRonda

Fookem said...

LMAO! That's good one BUT read this


JFLMad said...

I think Bug is speechless and busy with her now heh

Deb Ann said...


Patty said...

Being bored can be a very good thing! Heh!

Bug said...

Hate Ladybugs because they are too spicy!