Thursday, March 20, 2008

The interview with an interpreter about CI

I had an interview with Tom, an interpreter that is working with ADA, about Cochlear Implants. I feel that this interview appeared in Deafread is so important to be shared.

If I happen to have a deaf baby, I wouldn’t have him/her implanted because I know a lot about Deaf community, Cultures, and Sign Language, I’d be so proud to use ASL to expose and communicate with my deaf child. I know what deaf children need from the beginning. I understand about hearing parents who try their best to make a good decision for their deaf child about Cochlear implants. I don’t blame them, but it’s not for me. I would be proud of my deaf child if I happen to have one.

If my deaf child wanted to have a cochlear implant when he or she was around 12, I’d rather have him/her to wait until he/she’s 18. I believe that teens make decisions by their emotions and/or being in the peer pressures by society. I don’t want them to feel they will make a mistake by making a decision too early, the same way I had that experience when I asked my mom about tattoos. She told me to wait until I was 18. She knows that I was trying to make a decision just to fit in. When I became 18, I decided not to get a tattoo, and I feel good about it.

If they still want to have the same decision at later age, they’d have a cochlear implant or both cochlear implants. I’ll be always on their side no matter what.


sunsawed said...

I think it shouldn't be an "either/or" decision, but a "WHY NOT BOTH"???

If CIs offer your a child an advantage in Hearing society, SO BE IT. But that shouldn't be held in EXCLUSION to the WONDERS of ASL and the POSITIVE MEANING and IDENTITY that your child can have as a member of the ASL Community.

If you CAN, LEARN BOTH!!! There is no "either/or"!!!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to point out that there are several Deaf parents who have been part of the Deaf Culture. Their Deaf baby and/or child was implanted with CI. It's a personal decision and I support them in every way. It is like black and white.