Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snap!VRS newwork is back up and running again!


The lady in the photo is waiting to use the OJO and SNAP!VRS. That's what I experience all the time!

I got the call from my friend, mentioning that OJO and Snap!VRS is running again! I'm so excited that OJO is back at last! It has been past a month and I kept wondering if they would succeed getting it back up or not.

There are few reasons I'm so relieved that I use OJO again:

I can talk with my friends through OJO while I'm on the computer.

If someone's talking on VP with a deaf friend, I can't wait to call through VRS, so I use the Snap!VRS during the time.

If I want to call someone, I don't need to go upstairs and make a call through VP, I could stay in the same room to make a call.

Anyway, it's so funny that my son, Sam talks on the phone, my husband talks on VP, Hannah uses the computer, and I use the SNAP!VRS all at one time! Isn't it cool?

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