Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gally Class Of 1990

I only stayed for the first semester and then they moved me to the class of 1989 in the second semester.

Can you find me? I'm in the first row...wearing a pink and white shirt. Click at this picture to make it enlarged.

The embarrassing moment I had in my first year at Gally! When I say, "fined,” I used "Fine" and "ed" pure SEE.... I was signing in a whole sentence, my new Gally friends were laughing at me, and of course, they were insulting me. I felt so embarrassed. I was so careful not to use ugly PUREEEE SEE. But I learned so fast through Rafi Diaz. Thanks to Rafi for being so patience with me. My roommate, Susan was there for me and had a lot patience with me, too. I'll post few pictures of Susan and me later on. I need Susan to email me some pictures of her and me. My pictures were not good, and I know it would embarass Susan if I post my pictures into my blog.


Deaf Dixie said...

Hey, This is Nicki Brock McBee from Georgia, I met you at NWC in 85. My picture is there, I was sat next to Kristy Clarke. do you recognize me? email me at

gnarlydorkette said...

When did Gallaudet become an UNIVERSITY?
Aha, 1986!

(scratching her head)

But this picture was taken in 1990... and it said "Gallaudet College"? Did I miss something here?

Candy said...

I'm wondering too! Was there a different distinction between the northwest campus and the main campus?

Patty said...

Preparatory students were not considered part of the University. To become part of the University, they had to meet eligibility rules such as passing English tests, etc. Gallaudet was unique because other Universities did not have preparatory students. Nowadays, all students are entered as "new freshmen", according to Gallaudet's website.

Anonymous said...

DebAnn, I was surprised I couldn't find anyone in there that I knew....if that was in 1990 assuming this was your first year, I would be same age as you are. Anyone there from Indiana?

You could have titled this post "Find Me Waldo" and make us look for you in that picture. ha. Probably won't be that hard since you still look the same.

Maybe I will do something like this on my post and see if anyone can find me.

Anonymous said...

Gnarlydorkette, The picture was taken in 1985 *Class of 1990*

Deb Ann said...

Hi Deaf Dixie,
No wonder! I was wondering if I met you some where. I'm going to email you after this comment.

Deb Ann said...

It was taken in 1985. Galladuet University in 1986 and I was there. I stayed for two years ,and I decided to leave Gally for some reason.

Deb Ann said...

Why not! We will try to find you when you post yours in your blog. Yes, I think there were few from Indiana. I'll need to go check in the yearbook (actually, my friend, Susan sent me some copies from the Gally's year book). I think it's probably three of the students from Indiana.

Patty said...

Someone emailed me to correct me: prep student programs were abolished as soon as Gallaudet became an University. Sorry for the confusion!

Oscar Serna said...

You were flattered and embarrassed?



Don't worry, I got what you meant *grin*.

RLM said...

I could not locate you in this NWC group photo. I have not successfully use the ZOOM mode to find you. The group photo got blurried every time I used the ZOOM mode for x200 or x400. No luck at all!

Really about your use of PSE/SEE when you came to Gallaudet for very first time?? Whoa! At least, you blossomed into culturally deaf person now!

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Deb Ann said...

Oh, my, Robert. Hmmm? Why don't you try it at the library? Using their computer that would help?

Thank you! You made me feel so good about it! Yes, I'm so proud to be a culturally deaf person since I worked so hard trying to be one of them. :)