Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pictures of the massive destruction from a tornado in Northern Colorado

We decided to visit Windsor (about 15 minutes from our home town),and we took few pictures of the damages there.

About 100 homes were destroyed and another 100 were destroyed when the tornado bounced along a 35-mile-long way that began near Platteville, then Milliken, and then the hardest hit in Windsor. It moved through in that town in about three to five minutes.

A 52-year-old man was killed at a campground near Greeley where we live. More than 100 people were hurt. About 100 lost/found pets and some reports of cattle death.
The tornado hit 6 times in Colorado so far.

7TH picture of the gas station...It was SHELL, but now it's spelled HELL. It's pretty funny, because in that town it WAS like hell.

The story of my dad:
Ron's shop (this is my brother, Ron) was 5 miles from where the dairy was leveled. It was just a big black wall moving closer. When it was about 5 miles from us it turned to the west a little and went by us and passed on to Windsor. It's RARE for the tornado to be this close to the mountains but common in eastern part.

My story:
I picked my son from his Junior High school at about 11:30-11:45 a.m. and drove along on 65th avenue on the way back... it was surprising to find out we were driving about 3 miles from where the big black wall (the tornado) was moving north. I asked my son if he knew what it was, but he wasn't sure about that. It was hard to tell. I didn't realize that it actually was the tornado moving towards Windsor. I had a hard time to keep driving straight on that road because of the strong winds. It was really dark and a lot of tumbleweeds kept crossing the seemed like over a hundred of tumbleweeds got in our way! But we arrived home safely, and my husband and our daughter, Hannah got home from her elementary school. After we got home, our power was off for awhile. Then it came back and we found a lot of calls on the missed call list on VP and a lot of emails from our friends. It took me two days to inform them all that we were safe and sound.

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