Friday, October 10, 2008

The Deaf Trouble Maker's Visit To the Principle

The teacher signs my name,
And I look up with fear,
For my meetings with the principle,
Is dreadfully near,

Each minute seems to be a second,
And when it was time,
My direction the teacher beckoned,

Each step led me toward my grave,
So to keep busy I imagined a super here,
That would come and save,
All the kids like me,

My past visits to the boss,
Add up to three,
First detention,
Then ISS,
Then OSS,

I know I will miss my pals,
But skipping Deaf school,
To continue my secret travels,
Is just better,
And one day,
I'll leave forever,

But now I am at her office,
Saying goodbye for the last time,

I just wish that I,
Could take a picture of her scowling faces,
Towards me,
The uncontrollable trouble maker!

This poem is written by Hannah (KODA)


kim said...

CUTE! And I know that feeling too. hahaha!

Deb Ann said...

(hee-hee) Thank you, Kim. I thought it was cute, and Hannah wanted me to email her poem to her English/Reading teacher.