Friday, October 3, 2008

Not Hearing What's Behind the Mystery Door

What’s a door, do you see?
The mystery door,
Feeling a want to open and see what’s happening,
Why is it mysterious?
The door was opened and closed so abruptyly,
Feeling a want to take a courage to step out,
While opening the mystery door,
Closing the door by a fear,
Not knowing what’s going to be happening next,
Shadowing and hiding in the room,
Staring at the mystery door,
Waiting for you to open and step out,
Waiting, waiting, and waiting uncountably,
Pushing you to open the door,
Once you open the door, you see a real crashing and smashing waves in the ocean,
You swiftly closed the door,
Becoming a mystery that something seems to be hardly to conquer,
Staying in the dark, empty room too long,
Pushing you to open the door,
Surprisedly, seeing the peace, open space of nothing,
Slowly, stepping out of the door,
Nothing to walk on,
Closing the mystery door again,
Watching the mystery door,
Building something you put on faith,
Pushing you to open the door once more,
Seeing the bridge and ready to step out,
Not walking on a very slimy bridge,
Closing the mystery door,
Mystery is always to be mystery,
The fear of what’s showing in the future of the mystery door.

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