Monday, October 27, 2008

DeafVideo and Pictures

Everyone, I'm so glad that my computer works again! I don't know if I can survive without using it as well as my Video Phone and Ojo, or I'd go insane! I barely survived a week without them. Since none of them were working, I had to use my OLD FASHIONED TTY. It's like I was in a time machine to be back in 1980's. After everything was fixed by the Comcast guys and our friend for few days, my kids were holding and using this computer most of the time, and I had to let my hubby catch up on his emails since he didn't go to the library to check in using their computer. Now it's my turn to catch up on most of the vlogs in Deafvideo TV. Oh my goodness, I missed most of the removed vlogs. I think that Barry from Deafvideo TV is so upset, but I think it's time for him to move on without dicussing with the lady on the problem from Deafvideo TV. I believe that it's hurtful for Barry to move on but no way to get her come down and talk with him. And L'Chaim, the lady made a clear decision that this was it. She won't apologize to those two people, and I guess it's her decision to do so. I guess that it's for most of vloggers to be aware that it's time to let it pass or skip. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, check this link:
As for Deafread, I read some of the blogs. Most are great!
Now I gotta tell you that last week was my BIRTHDAY! I got my big dream digital camera from my lovely hubby, Tom. I played around taking shots of my animals. I'm not Sarah Palin, I just love taking pictures of my animals. They can understand my sign langauge (except for my cat). When they wanted to jump and sleep on my lap while I was sitting on a sofa, they had to wait until I sign: "OKAY" , and then they jumped on my lap! They know about 8 signs.
Here are the pictures of my animals and my children (including Hannah who wrote poems on my blog)!
This is my youngest son, Brandon
Are you ready for Halloween?
This is my daughter, Hannah who wrote poems on my blog.
My dog, Diamond

My dog, Jacki

Sally and Diamond, the sweet dogs

My dog, Sally

My cat, Cosmo (Sometimes he thinks he's a dog)


Deaf Pixie said...

That's interested to watch on L'chaim. It is not looking healthy what she have done to Barry and other vlogger for any kind of serious attacked. I complelte understood that it is kind of TRASH or abused on vlogger's repuations were ruined by that person who did to them.

They need to fix stuff. Also It need to quit abuse on the vlogger.

Deaf Pixie

Anonymous said...

Any one who gives a shit of how Barry feels is a fool. He have done more damage to many others so far. That vlogger wants to talk to him in public than private deserve that right and I do not blame her. She is smart not to fall to his brainwashing. Deafpixie, you are brainwashed.

Deb Ann said...

Please try your best to respect each comment with his or her own perspective. And focus on the issue, not on a person's comment.

My perspective is just about letting it pass without a solution.

There is no proof if he is a brainwasher or not. If Barry hears about it, it can hurt him badly. Judging or pre-judging in a public can be dangerous. He seems to be a good person. Who knows? Just give time to get to know him more. Please respect both of the vloggers (Barry and L'chaim) without leaving an ugly message.

I'd like to remove two comments above, but I think I'll leave them here. From now on, please say in a comment very warmly (I'd be so pleased!) or I won't publish any further comments if they're not nice. Please think twice before leaving a hurtful message here.
Thank you,
Deb Ann

Deb Ann said...

Sorry to say that I can't publish your recent comment. It's not our place to make L'chaim look bad. Not on my blog, I won't allow any hurtful messages here.

Again, not try to focus on each comment. Stay on the issue, please!

mishkazena said...

Hi Deb Ann,

oh it is a big mess at DVTV. Too many people have been hurt. It's like watching a train wreck : /

Thanks for sharing the pictures of some family members and pets. They are great photos! Cute about the closed eye and the eyeball on the hand.

Deb Ann said...

Hello Mishkazena!

Thank you for leaving this great comment in a kind way! Yes, it was a big mess at DVTV. It was so surprising when many other vloggers come in and bring an exciting issues at DVTV. Glad you enjoyed my pictures! :) Thought the picture of the closed eye and eyeball on the hand is cute, too!

Anonymous said...


About Barry, DVTV, blahhh. Boy, it was big mess, but it seem to stable right now, thank god.

Anyway, I want to leave comment about your pictures. THEY ARE AWESOME!! Your children are very cute!! And I love your cat! Your cat are so cute! I love cats so much, yet I dont have cats in my house, but I love cats! =^D

Forward to see more of your pictures! =^)


Deb Ann said...

Hello AJR!
It's so good to see you here! Yes, it seems to be so tiring to see a mess at DVTV, and I hope everything is peace. :)

Thanks! I love cats, too. We used to have three cats a long time ago. Now just one cat.

Deb Ann said...

I'm not going to publish your comment, sorry. I had to delete it from my email. In my opinion, I think L'chaim knows what she is doing. She trusts her own gut.

Thank you, whatever your name is.

Lisa C. said...

Cute pictures. Our cat also think she's a dog but she acts like a raccoon. She jumps onto the surfaces and knocks everything off. She still plays with some plastic straps from milk jugs as I had written in my blog post in the past and she put them into her bowl when she is done playing with them.

Lisa C. said...

Sad about DVTV messes. I'm glad doing my homework kept me from watching more vlogs. I chose a few good vlog topics a day whem my time permits.

Deb Ann said...

Hello Lisa!
Oh, it's so cute to watch cats and their creative actions. They also are in great handy when trying to wake you up in mornings. :)

Deb Ann said...

Are you going to a school? I'd love to go back to school for some classes I'd like to take. So,I better wait until my youngest son, Brandon to be a full-time student in Kindergarten.
Good luck with your fun homework. :)

BigBenFactor said...

Hello Deb Ann, Hope all is well with you. Keep up the good work on your blog. I am sick with bronchitis so please pray for me.
Nice kids you have. This is Ben, you know me from Otto's church.
God Bless and talk with you later.

Deb Ann said...

Hello, Ben!

Sorry that you're not feeling well.

Drink a lot of water and hope you'll get well really soon.
See you on the first Sunday of November.
Deb Ann

Lisa C. said...

I'm taking English and psychology. I started taking classes in the Fall of 2007. I had wanted to go back to school but my ex-husband refused to let me. My 2nd husband encouraged me to go back.

Our 4 years old yellow lab is still a puppy and we love her anyway.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi DebAnn,
Hooray your computer's working. Your photos are awesome! You have beautiful children!! I've tried signing to my dog too - just the basics like food, water, and go out. He just looks at me blankly. Your pets are smarter!

Deb Ann said...


My major was a Psychology, too. I'd love to work with people.
Glad that your husband supports you. You're so blessed to have him as well as a best friend!

Awww! Your four-year-old Lab is still a puppy. My 12-year-old dog, Sally is still my baby and doesn't look a 12 year old dog at all!

Wish you a best luck on studying English and Psychology! Bless you and your dearest husband. Tell him Hello from me ;)

Deb Ann said...

Hi Sarah,

You're funny! I guess that your dog knows you can hear mostly. He hears and sees what you're saying. My dogs figured it out by themselves that I'm deaf. They had to use their eyes to see what I'm saying.

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed my pictures.

I'm practicing your poem in ASL now, and hopefully I'll do vlogging tomorrow.

Deaf Pixie said...

Anonymous (#2)

I can understand how much you hate or against me. I think Barry have a great comment about By the law that something that I learn from him.

Ridor have a blunt- straight.. but he is mess up in DeafVideo . Who will fix his behavior were not accept by vlog. I am not vlog. I am blog.. I complete understand Ridor is have other excellent example idea.

Compared to Richard Rohem is now stalking someone.. You should looking at mexpurple in, etc etc. and Go to looking at Taylor's vlog in That's fine with me that you think Barry or Ridor or anyone did not wash my brain, yet.. Just skip if you don't like to watch the peson's vlog. .I am not always support in their side. That's depened what they are talked about. Most of postive attuide by Barry. I cannot argue with you aobut Ridor. I like his blunt- honesty.
I figure out why you called and insulted me if I am really brainwashed by them. My answer is no. They just educated!!

You are misunderstood.

Deb Ann said...


It's only between Deaf Pixie and the Anonymous (#2).

Please don't get involved with them. Just let them talk to each other.

Becky said...

Hi Deb Ann! Wow you have many pets in ur house. heh. I wish have cats/dogs here in my house but cant have cat cuz George is allergy to cats. We can have dogs but we need put fences in back yard. The pictures are really good; Brandon and Hannah are growing so fast. Happy Halloween!

Deb Ann said...

Good morning, Becky!

How sweet of you. You sent me a birthday card. It's beautiful.

Yes, your kids are growing so fast. They look big boys now. We need to get together soon before all our kids graduate from high school!

Happy Halloween or Happy Harvest to you and your family.

Linda said...

I think that it's not that cat's don't understand sign language... It's that they choose not to take notice of what we mere monkeys say! At least my cat is that way. ;-)

Deb Ann said...

That's right, Linda ;D