Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April's Poetry Month

Drawing by Deb Ann

by Monna-Lisa

I guess that April is National Poetry Month. I got it from the newsletter by Mrs. Faulkner and Mrs. Shade.

Genre-Of-the Month
Oh, I think that I shall never read
A genre as fancy as poetry!
Words and images- such a delight;
I only hope my poem's all right!

Here's my Poetry.

Coming Around April's Spring
Coming around April's Spring,
Not so fever about it,
Thought to spring out the house cleaning,
From a corner to corner,

Never mind! Not do anything,
Or my mother-in-law'd move in,
So keeping the house filthy,
To keep her out- keep her in a distance,
Watching the flowers popping out!
~written by Deb Ann

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