Monday, April 28, 2008

Deaf Bunny

Deaf Bunny Dream

I liked the poem, Dust Bunny Dream by Sean D. Rasmussen, but I changed a couple of words such as dust to deaf and heard to saw. We use our eyes to see. Sean used most of the words, "See" in his poem. This picture is drawn by my youngest daughter, Hannah. KODA draws a picture and the eyes are so important to KODA. Have you noticed it, too?

A deaf bunny had a dream,
so real did it seem.
of flying away in a balloon.

Way up high in the air,
it soared without care,
in the light of the crescent moon.

Past the pyramids of Egypt,
and masted sailing ships,
that lay anchored in the deep blue sea.

It saw angels sing,
as they flew on pure white wings,
watching over you and me.

It flew over England and France,
and watched people dance,
in the castles that are there.
In the highest mountain,
animals played around a fountain,
and waved at the bunny in the air.

It flew toward the stars,
past the Earth and Mars.
Up, up, up to outer space.

There it saw the Milky Way,
but knew it could not stay,
although it was a beautiful place.

So with the night almost gone,
the balloon took it home,
back to its friends and family.

It flew back to its bunny bed,
with a fluffy pillow under its head,
as the morning light rises for all to see.


Robbie said...

My son liked it. I read it aloud to him.


Robbie said...

My son liked it. I read it aloud to him.