Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Laughter's the Best Medicine

Photo by Deb Ann

The world's deafest fairy tale: A deaf man signed to a deaf woman: "You marry me you?" She had an ugly facial expression and signed back to him: "no." He lived happily ever after! (I changed some words around from somewhere.)

By the way, I had to steal the article from Seniors newspapers. But I'm not old yet, I just got to grab something to read out of the boredom while waiting in the lobby room. As all of you have seen Forrest Gump, the hilarious article I gotta share! So, are you ready to laugh off your butt?

When Forrest Gump arrived in heaven, St. Peter said, " Welcome, Forrest. You must answer three questions before entering."

"Golly, I hope they aren't hard," said Forrest.

"The first is, what two days of the week begin with the letter, T?"

"Today and tomorrow."

"Well, that's not exactly what we had in mind, but it could be considered correct. So, okay. The next question is, how many seconds are in a year?"


"How did you arrive at that?"

"There's the second of January, second of February..."

"I see what you mean. That's not the answer we had in mind, but I can see where it could be considered correct. Now, the last question is, what is God's first name?"


"How in the world did you come up with that?"

"I learned it from the song: Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me..."

St. Peter opened the gates and said, "Run, Forrest, run."

Suppose Forrest Gump is deaf. St. Peter probably said, "Sign off."
Deaf Forrest Gump would stand at the gate forever and not sign.


Deaf Pixie said...

Funny story.. It is hilarious article. Something that it keep you busy to read the newspaper.

Seem that it happened to me to read for Eldery newspaper, which it is mean "Everyday you can read anythings as you wishes, when---ever?

Deb Ann said...

I agree, Deaf Pixie!

I have been thinking about visiting Washington State some day. I would dream of visiting Geo, you, and Kim up there!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Deb Ann.
Who's that in the photo?

Deb Ann said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm glad you asked. It's my dad. Really, he's happily married for 43years.

Right now, he's here with my son, Brandon in this room :)

Deaf Pixie said...

Let me know if you are plan to coming to Seattle. I would love to inviting you to my house... I will hire "Clutter to Clean" from TLC. I forgot his name.. I need somone to rid of my junkie...

Deaf Pixie

Michelle D said...

LOL! It's hilarious! Good one. Thanks for sharing that with us for a good laugh! :D

Deb Ann said...

Deaf Pixie,

lol, I'd let you know early before we come.

Glad you had a great laugh! We all need it.