Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tag's World with bloggers!

Wow! Me? I'm tagged by Kim at Living the Questions and Sarah at SpeakUpLibrarian.

Tag, you're it! Ha-ha. This is a fun way to get to know other bloggers better. Kim and Sarah tagged me and now it's my turn to tag others. It's going to be blast! So here are the RuLeS.

1) Each player must post the rules at the top.
2) Answer the questions in bold (my rule-the question in bold on my blog)
3) Tag five people you would like to know better, go to their blogs, let them know they've been tagged and ask them to read your blog.

This is just for fun, so don't feel like you MUST play. I won't be hurt if you're too busy. Here are my answers to the questions...

What I was doing ten years ago:
I didn't realize how busy I was than I am here now. As you know, I sometimes get looped into a computer when I have nothing to do.
I was a stay at home mom with 10-year-old Tami, 3-year-one Sam, and 1-year-old Hannah. I was homeschooling Tami. My life was always busy and exciting. I've been to a fellowship with a lot of moms on Fridays. I was also teaching ASL classes for kids and families. I drove a lot on a road for my oldest girl, Tami's activities and lessons during most of my toddlers' naps.

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. Movie theatre popcorn- delicious
2. Chocolate bars- when I had to
3. Tortilla chips and salsa or yogurt- depending on my mood
4. carrots- when I think I needed to
5. apples- only when it's fresh and well-washed

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Donate to deaf programs at better schools
2. Donate to Churches for remodeling
3. Give our house away to a poor family with children and buy a ranch with a lot of homeless or abusive horses
4. Travel the world with my husband and kids (included my oldest daughter and her future husband)
5. Donate to Diabetes Associations (my youngest daughter has Diabetes Type 1)

Jobs I have had:
1. A bus person at a restaurant when I was so young
2. Making pizza and other food at Deli Shop when I was in college
3. An assembler at a boring corp. when I had a first child
4. A Babysitter
5. I spent most of my life as a stay at home mom, it's a job!

Three habits:

1. Knitting
2. Coffee with my husband
3. Enjoying movies with my kids

Five places I have lived:
1. a wild dorm at Gallaudet University Campus (I stayed for two years)
2. a small apartment in Colorado Springs
3. a townhouse in Lakewood
4. an old small house in Arvada
5. a big house with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a dining room, two family rooms, and a fireplace

Five people I would like to get to know better:
I already read Sarah's, Kim's AND Abbie's blogs and believe me, it's so fun! So I need to choose five bloggers!
1. Michelle at It's just What I Do
2. LaRonda at Ear of my Heart
3. Deaf Kathy
4. Jayme's Epiphany
5. Mary Ruth at Deaf Discourse

You can click at their websites on my right side of this blog.
Hope you enjoy!


kw said...

Hi! I loved reading this! Thanks so much for playing! I agree being a mom is probably the busiest job ever! When my kids were young, I used to say my work at the library was a much need break from all the work at home! hahaha! Cute picture of you as a little girl.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Deb Ann,
Glad you played tag! I was a homeschooling mom too. I homeschooled my son up to 2nd grade. I'm really proud that I taught him to read.

Laurie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love to knit, too!