Monday, April 7, 2008

My response to Sweetmind about Deafhood.

Here is my response to Sweetmind about Deafhood. She asked why we use -hood as Deafhood. I do my best to give in, but I’m not involving such knowledge of giving an answer about Deafhood.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

-hood is an English suffix that means a "state or condition of" or a group sharing a certain characteristic. Examples include childhood and falsehood.

It gives you an idea...with the -hood as Deafhood after reading all the words on the list. Good luck!

Adulthood- The state and responsibilities of a person who has attained maturity

Brotherhood- People engaged in a particular occupation; “the medical fraternity”
Buddhahood- I couldn’t find in a dictionary. You can guess what it is.

Childhood - the time of person’s life when they are a child

Falsehood- a willful act of falsifying; a false statement

Fatherhood- I guess that it’s the state and responsibilities of a father who has experienced.

Godhood- It can be the Godhead or it can be a divine nature.

Knighthood- Aristocrats holding the rank of knight.

Likelihood- the state or fact of being likely.

Manhood- The state of being a man; manly qualities

Motherhood-the same way with Fatherhood.

Neighbourhood-a surrounding or nearby region; people living near one another

Parenthood- the state of being a parent

Personhood- being a person: “finding her own personhood as a campus activist”

Priesthood- the body of ordained religious practitioners.

Sainthood- saints collectively

Sisterhood- the same way with brotherhood.

Statehood- I couldn’t find in a dictionary. You probably figure out what it means.

Womanhood- The state of being a woman; womanly qualities; women as a class; “it’s an insult to American womanhood”, “woman is the glory of creation”

You can assume Deafhood means a Deaf unity. It's also an individual as the state of being Deaf and a Deaf journey.

Deafhood means a process, a journey for all Deaf people. It is not a measurement who is Deaf and who is not. It is a process of becoming the best Deaf human being one can become. It's from Genie Gertz in the link:

I hope to go to Deafhood conferences in the short future. I'm going to get the book, "Understanding Deaf Culture: In the Search of Deafhood," by Dr. Paddy Ladd. It’s my passion of learning Deafho


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